Watching documentaries is the perfect way to get information about what is happening in the world that is not breaking news. We have seen them unapologetically expose big cat operations (remember that obscure Tiger King documentary series) and, at the same time, let us know more about the beauty of our blue planet (long live David Attenborough). If you love documentaries the way we do, you are in the right place. Thanks to streaming services and the lockdown, we have easy access and the time to watch them. After combing through its extensive library, these documentaries on Amazon Prime are our top picks.

Birth of Planet Earth

When everything in the world seems chaotic, it always feels nice to take a step back and look at our whole planet. Birth of Planet Earth follows the story from Earth’s inception to where we are today. It puts things into perspective when we understand how many things had to go right for us to be here right now.

The Voyage of Curiosity

Believe it or not, Matt Damon was not the first Martian to be stranded on our neighbouring red planet. Long before that, we sent a rover that was aptly named Curiosity. The rover had to find the answer to a simple question – can humans survive on Mars? Explore its journey on the red planet in this documentary.

The Brain That Changes Itself

This documentary explores the concept of neuroplasticity, which means that the brain’s structure is capable of changes. If done correctly, this should help people suffering from neurological defects. Curious to know more? Watch this documentary and be mindblown.

The Real Sherlock Holmes

We have had our fair share of stories about detectives who had their eccentricities. The most famous among them all is Sherlock Holmes. The character has been adapted so many times across so many mediums. What is not known is that his stories have inspired forensics and even space travel.

The Next Great Extinction Event

Earth has gone through five major extinction-level events and based on history, we are due for another one. What would it be its nature and is there any way we can avoid it? Find the answer to these questions and a lot more when you tune in and watch this one.

Birth of the Tramp

There was once a man who had an iconic moustache and the attention of an entire generation. Even today, his silhouette is enough to identify him. We are talking about Charlie Chaplin. How did he come to be the person we know today? Watch this documentary to find out.

Hope you enjoy these Amazon Prime documentaries and you can check out more recommendations from us by clicking the link below. Stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!