If automobiles keep your motor running, then check out this list of automobile shows on Netflix, from series on Formula 1 to comedian and car enthusiast Jerry Seinfeld’s talk show on wheels.

‘Drive to Survive’

A collaboration between Formula One and Netflix, Formula 1: Drive to Survive is two-season docu-series. The 20-part series documents the 2018 Formula One World Championship and 2019 Formula One World Championship to give the audience an immersive view of the frontline.
Creator: Formula One, Netflix
Seasons: 2 (2019, 2020)


Hyperdrive is a high octane reality series in which 28 competitors drive around the titular track navigating obstacles and performing manoeuvres.
Season: 1 (2019)

‘Fastest Car’

In this Netflix original reality show, supercars race against sleeper cars in a quarter-mile drag race.
Creator: Scott Weintrob
Seasons: 2 (2018,2019)

‘Rust Valley Restorers’

The show (pictured above) is set in Rust Valley, Canada, which is known for its massive junkyards that stretch as far as the eye can see. The show follows a group called Rust Bros Restorations as they restore one car at a time.
Cast: Mike Hall, Avery Shoaf, Connor Hall
Seasons: 2 (2018-)

‘West Coast Custom’

Based in Corona, California, the show follows the journey of an ordinary vehicle from the factory to the workshop where it’s turned into a bespoke automobile.
Cast: Ryan Friedlinghaus, Hunter Clancey, Wilee Delarosa
Seasons: 3 (2013-2016)

‘Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip’

The Great British Bake Off judge and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood tours Italy, Germany and France exploring the cultures of places he visits while driving iconic cars such as the red Lamborghini in which he sees Rome.
Cast: Paul Hollywood
Season: 1 (2017)

‘Comedians in Cars Getting coffee’

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, who is famous for owning a fleet of cars, drives fellow comedians around in classic cars such as a 1970 Ford Mustang. They chat as he drives and stop to get coffee. His guests include Eddie Murphy and Larry David.
Creator: Jerry Seinfeld
Cast: Jerry Seinfeld
Seasons: 11 (2012-)


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