Nothing beats watching a comedy performance on stage. But if you’ve missed seeing stand-up comics in your city, the next best place to spot them is on Amazon Prime Video, which has a neat repository of stand-up specials. We pick out five that stood out from the rest in 2019.

‘Almost Sanskari’ By Neeti Palta

Neeti Palta (pictured above) was awkward as a kid, but had some pretty eventful growing-up years. In Almost Sanskari, she talks about being an ugly teenager, getting safe sex advice from her parents and being a helpful sister to her brother. She describes her family as her “main source of content”, and doesn’t hold back from making fun of them. She also touches upon her marriage and describes her “hit and trial” wedding.

‘Going Downhill’ By Neville Shah

In this grim, thought-provoking set by one of the darkest comedians in the country, Neville Shah tells us why 2016 was a horrendous year for him. He had to deal with three Ds: death, divorce and depression. He explains how therapy helped him overcome these setbacks, rants about how getting a divorce is such a difficult process in India and talks about ‘papad pants’, a phenomenon experienced by every teenage boy.

‘Kaafi Filmy’ By Angad Singh Ranyal

Angad Singh Ranyal is a self-confessed movie buff. He has opinions about everything filmy: indie movies, anti-smoking commercials played before films in cinema halls, kids in cinema halls, various types of popcorn and why actor Boman Irani plays the most annoying characters in films.

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‘Pata Nahi Par Bolna Hai’ By Karunesh Talwar

Karunesh Talwar‘s biggest fear is turning into a middle-aged Indian uncle. He talks about the various run-ins that he’s had with middle-aged uncles, from an encounter with one during security check at an airport to tolerating another throughout a flight. He insists he has genuine appreciation for Indian hip-hop, but doesn’t quite understand some of the traits of Indian hip-hop artists.

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‘Wonder Menon’ By Anuradha Menon

Anuradha aka Anu Menon sheds her famous Lola Kutty avatar for this stand-up special. She talks about the trials of being a Malayali married into a Gujarati household, and takes us through her marriage, pregnancy and motherhood. She also offers her thoughts on the joys of taking a vacation with a big fat joint family, on why rom-coms are grossly misleading and why a candlelight dinner on the beach is an overrated fantasy for a woman.