One for the family
75%Overall Score

A 12-episode mini series shot on phone cameras in lockdown…this is truly a new normal. In director Deven Munjal’s lighthearted Zee5 original, Bhalla Calling Bhalla, members of the Bhalla family are stuck in various parts of the country during the lockdown. The family includes Mrs Lovely Bhalla (Lubna Salim), Mr Bhalla (Rajesh Kumar), Sahil Bhalla (Leenesh Mattoo), Liza aka Arundhati Bhalla (Gracy Goswami) and Gaurav Gera as Gaurav Singh (Lovely’s brother).

The lockdown gets on everyone’s nerves
With the lockdown getting extended, the Bhallas feel the need to bond even more. The frequent family video calls keep them connected throughout. Sometimes, they get too close for comfort despite the distance. For instance, the Bhallas have to deal with ego issues over a game of truth and dare that goes beyond their control. At the end of it, they realise they need to value each other.

The performances continue to be delightful
The series, which has been shot on individual phones by each actor at home during lockdown, could not be more relatable. As families are separated, the phone is the only bridge between many people. The characters are uniquely fun and they’re ably performed by the cast. Those who watched Rajesh Kumar as Roshesh in the comedy show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, will remember that his character recites unpleasant poems to his mother. In Bhalla, he recites poems for his wife and organises a poetry narration.

The script is the hero of the show, which leaves a smile on your face throughout. Everyone in lockdown will relate to this sweet and funny family drama. Read our review of the first eight episodes here.

Director: Deven Munjal
Writer: Sumrit Sahi, Durjoy Datta
Cast: Gaurav Gera, Gracy Goswami, Lubna Salim, Leenesh Matoo, Rajesh Kumar
Streaming on: Zee5