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Boys State is a documentary that seeks to throw light on how young Americans perceive politics, shaping their decisions and opinions. We see thousands of high-school boys meet in their home state for an intense one-week cosplay on running a government that is sponsored by the American Legion. During this week, participants are embedded in opposing parties like the Federalists and the Nationalists. They have to decide on a platform and candidates get to pick different positions in a party they can run for, the highest office being the Governor. We then see teenage boys trying to run different campaigns, garner votes, and even play dirty politics to win. These boys rally and talk about gun laws, migration policies, and abortion laws along with lots of chanting and hoo-ha.

Is it all a farce just to win?

Although just teenagers, these boys are unafraid and unashamed of doing what it takes to win, even crossing moral boundaries in the process. This attitude turns the spotlight to current political leaders who are no different. It’s all about the majoritarian rule and targetting people’s emotions in order to win big. One candidate openly talks about covering up his own beliefs in order to appeal to the masses.

The film has no hidden agenda

Boys State doesn’t have any agenda per say, nor is it biased in its approach. The filmmakers attempt to put out balanced views and break down the system to a simplified form.

If you are interested in American politics or politics in general, you will enjoy Boys State. If not, it may not make for the best watch.

Director:  Amanda McBaine, Jesse Moss
Language: English
Streaming on: Apple TV+

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