Breakups suck! If this lockdown has strained your relationship and resulted in a breakup, we’re so sorry. Blame it on the damn virus! Whether you are down the “screw my ex” path, the “my life sucks” route, or just in the “I deserve better” place, these breakup movies have something for everyone. P.S. We recommend lots of popcorn and ice-cream too.

500 Days Of Summer

If you’ve gotten out of a serious relationship with someone you thought was “the one”, this movie is for you. Initially, the movie might sting but it also shows you that you can’t make someone fall in love with you and that’s okay.

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Eat Pray Love

Since you may not really be able to travel (damn the virus again) to get over a breakup, you can certainly watch Julia Roberts take a break and travel to different countries, fall in love with pizza (who wouldn’t?), and explore her true self.

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Blue Valentine

If you need to cry, this movie might just be something you could relate to. It has a non-linear timeline as it depicts a couple’s glorious days of courtship, their times of being madly in love, and ultimately what leads to the dissolution of their marriage.

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How To Be Single

During our pre-COVID life, which feels like a lifetime ago, this is probably how a lot of people dealt with breakups. Partying, hookups, and getting absolutely smashed – Dakota Johnson‘s full-proof way to get over a breakup.

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Silver Linings Playbook

Watch Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence help each other deal with their respective heartbreaks while also dancing it out. Might be something you can consider? Even though this film is highly predictable, it makes for a good breakup watch.

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Marriage Story

This movie takes you through a divorce story of a couple who loved and cared for each other dearly until they wanted different things from life. The film will probably inspire you to live for yourself and chase after your dreams and desires.

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Gone Girl

This terrifying movie is not really about a breakup but after watching Amy Dunn’s grand plan to get revenge on her cheating husband, you may feel better watching him pay heavily for his actions. You may also start feeling grateful for the single life. As long as you don’t mimic her actions, you’re good.

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If you’re over these breakup movies and are looking for some other fun movie recommendations, click here. Stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!

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