Good Omens, comedy shows on Amazon Prime

The Best Comedy Shows On Amazon Prime

Wondering what comedy to watch on Amazon Prime? The streaming platform currently has a roster of both classic and contemporary comedy. Here’s a quick round-up of series for your giggling pleasure.


Fleabag, comedy shows on Amazon Prime
Fleabag, a two-season tour de force by creator and lead actor Phoebe Waller-Bridge, follows the titular character (she remains nameless) as she messes up, tries to straighten out and messes up again. Self-obsessed, smart-alecky and forever broke, Fleabag is guilty of something terrible. Her go-to antidote – sex with various men – doesn’t always work. The show is a clever, funny and poignant picture of loneliness and season two has a massive bonus in the form of a dishy priest played by Andrew Scott.
Seasons: 2 (2016, 2019)

‘Good Omens’

The show (pictured above), an adaptation of a fantasy novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, illustrates the chemistry between an angel and a demon played by Michael Sheen and David Tennant. The two manage to save the world and avert a war between heaven and hell in a diabolically entertaining way.
Seasons: 1 (2019)

‘The Office’

Greg Daniel’s The Office is set in an insipid workplace where employees of paper company Dunder Mifflin must contend with their boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell), a comically poor manager who almost always messes up despite good intentions. The American version of the eponymous British show is an absolute riot no matter how many times you watch it.
Seasons: 9 (2005-2013)

‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, comedy shows on Amazon Prime
Created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel is a modern period comedy-drama show in which Rachel Brosnahan plays Miriam “Midge” Maisel, an upper-class Jewish housewife who tries her luck at stand-up comedy in Manhattan after her husband’s unsuccessful dabble in the field.
Seasons: 2 (2017, 2018)


This comedy-drama series follows the journey of Mort Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor), who at 70, reveals he’s transgender. The Amazon Original Series by Jill Soloway also covers the various gender and identity crises faced by Pfefferman’s three kids.
Seasons: 4 (2014-2017)

‘Red Oaks’

Set in the 1980s, Red Oaks is a story of a working-class kid, who has a job at a plush country club. The show follows the amusing lives of various members of the club.
Seasons: 3 (2014-2017)