Films don’t fare well at the box-office due to various reasons – the makers failing to impress the audience to the latter having higher expectations or simply because the movie is just terrible. Sometimes, no matter how great the film is, the audience fails to perceive it the right way, which results in box-office disasters. Later on, some of them revive and achieve a good fan-base once they are out on television or online. Here are a few of such underrated Malayalam films that failed to impress the audience upon release but picked up appreciation and acclaim later. 


This 1992 drama film starring Mohanlal in the lead takes us through the psychological changes in the life of the protagonist. It revolves around the life of Sidharthan, a hermit with a stingy past, living in a mental asylum. His OCD, paranoia, hallucination and depression made him wild, which further leads to a mental breakdown. It is appreciable that director Rajeevnath made this movie during a time when mental illness was considered a taboo. 

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Malayalam cinema’s first Oscar entry, Guru did not fare well for two reasons – it was way ahead of its time and it touched the wrong nerve. The film nicely speaks about how blinded faiths are. Raghuraman (Mohanlal), a Hindu extremist is transported to a different world during meditation – a world full of the blind. How Raghu figures reality and awakens in the real world forms the crux of the movie. The theme is still relevant (sadly) and a must-watch for its story and performances. 

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Ozhimuri is a period film that traverses through the life of Thanupillai (Lal), a patriarch stuck in a matrilineal system and his divorce case. The complexities that occurred due to the transition from matrilineal to the patrilineal system in Kerala are well articulated in the film. The reasons that made this critically acclaimed movie a flop is speculative but now that it is available for streaming, we recommend this gem for viewing. 

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Bachelor Party

Although the film boasts of featuring many stars, it bombed at the box office and failed to impress the audience. We believe that is only because people tried to confine Bachelor Party to a typical genre. On the other hand, the film is a mix of genres and a thorough entertainer. It revolves around a few friends who reunite to save one of them from a don. The action and dhamaaka that happens is a must-watch. 

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Adventures of Omanakuttan  

This experimental film has an interesting storyline. Traversing through the life of Omanakuttan (Asif Ali), an introverted salesman, an accident that leads to his memory loss and further complications, are hilarious to watch. Bhavana as Pallavi easily complements Asif’s character. Although the film did not do well in the box office, it is an interesting watch and we totally recommend it. 

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We hope these recommendations get through the lockdown without much stress. Stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!