As much as we may not like it, life would be pretty boring without any drama. For the people who are currently staying home with their families, this statement might not be true because here you get “too much drama”. For those specific days when the real-life drama becomes a little too much and you want to escape without stepping out of your house, we have the perfect drama movies for you. These movies will fix your drama cravings and at the same time, take you away from the drama around you.

Once Upon A Time… in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino‘s latest movie with major names like Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, and Margot Robbie takes you back in time. The movie is on the gruesome murder of Sharon Tate and while you watch the movie, there is a Tarantino-style twist waiting for you.

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Call Me By Your Name

This movie provides an escape in two ways. It takes you to the beautiful Italian countryside with their orchards and cafes. The second is it will change the way you look at peaches. Jokes aside, this movie certainly deserves a watch for the many themes it covers in a beautiful way only it could have.
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The King’s Speech

This movie should be on your watchlist if it isn’t already. Not only because it is an Academy Award nominee for Best Picture, but because it gives yet another insight into the lives of the royals that have always fascinated us.
Available on: Netflix

The Irishman

If you had to learn everything that is to know about the mafia in about three and a half hours, this is the movie to pick. We see Robert De Niro digitally de-aged and on a spree of painting houses, which is mafia-speak for “killing”.
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The amount of waiting Bhuvan (Aamir Khan) did for the rains roughly is the amount of time we have been waiting for the lockdown to end. He ends up avoiding paying taxes by winning a cricket game against the British. If only things were that simple now!
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We all reach a point in our lives when everything might seem perfect but we would not mind leaving everything behind and starting all over again somewhere else. Veera (Alia Bhatt) gets this chance in the most unlikely way when she is abducted by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda). The movie and the music are both designed to take you away someplace else.
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Madhur Bhandarkar, who was known for uncovering the darkest truths behind every topic he chose, focuses on Bollywood and journalism in this movie. From Bollywood parties to the struggles of the people who come from smaller towns to the city of dreams is all seen through the eyes of Madhavi Sharma (Konkana Sen Sharma).
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As much as you are pissed with your family at the moment, watching this movie will certainly make you appreciate your loved ones more. This coming-of-age drama was well-appreciated by the critics as well as the audience.
Available on: Netflix
After you finish watching these drama movies, you can come back here for more recommendations. Only remember to stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!