There’s an old saying that goes, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. Fans of movies, television shows and comics often put this adage into practice by writing fan fiction, also known as “fanfics”. For those unfamiliar with the concept, fan fiction is a story created by the fans of a work of fiction, rather than the work’s original creator. The sheer number of writers indulging their desire to create stories of characters and world’s they love and the inexperience of many of these writers, fan fiction gained infamy for terrible writing. These are often enjoyed for their “so bad, it’s good” appeal. Anyone familiar with the old Harry Potter fan fic entitled ‘My Immortal’ would know this all too well. However, some fan fiction stories can be quite enjoyable in their own right. These are often created for a number of reasons such as:

Want of a satisfactory ending

LOST was a series of interwoven plots with many great sci fi mysteries that had fans theorising as to how they would be resolved. The series itself, however, ended abruptly without satisfying resolutions to most of these mysteries. Naturally, die-hard fans took to the internet to make their own version of the story that changes the show’s ending. A good example of this would be ‘Lost Again: After Ajira 316′ by Lola’sStillLost.

To imagine oneself as a part of the story

In the sub genre known as self-insert fics, the author places a version of themselves into the story’s world, often as the protagonist. The internet is full of Harry Potter self-inserts by fans who are still upset that they never got their Hogwarts Acceptance Letter. alone has over 823 thousand Harry Potter fan fics with a vast number of them being self-inserts.

To take one’s own version of the concept for a spin

Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker’s dystopian science fiction anthology television series tells stories of how technology meant to improve peoples lives can have dire consequences. The way the show’s prophetic quality and captivating, if exceedingly dark stories has lead fans to write their own Black Mirror stories.

To explore an alternate version of events

Fans often write fics to explore a version of events separate from the canonical continuity. The Umbrella Academy, a show that itself deals with alternate realities and time travel has a fan base that likes to write its own alternate versions of the show’s story.

Erotic fan fiction

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but if you would like to know why fans like to write erotic fiction involving their favourite characters, see Rule Number 34 of the internet.

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