The pandemic has turned a lot of us to cooking. There’s not much to do and one must eat so why not eat well? If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a list of food shows on Netflix that might prompt some tasty culinary ideas.

‘The Chef Show’

Remember how Jon Favreau’s Chef Carl Casper went on a cross-country road trip vending Cubanos from a food truck? Favreau tries to rekindle that feeling on The Chef Show (pictured above) with Chef Roi Choi and his celebrity friends in tow.
Creator: Jon Favreau
Cast: Jon Favreau, Roy Choi
Seasons: 2 (2019, 2020)

‘Taco Chronicles’

The taco is the Mexican equivalent of sushi in the sense that it symbolised the cuisine much before it became mainstream. And a lot like such symbols, the dish has ventured far from its roots. The six-part Spanish language series Taco Chronicles tours Mexico profiling various kinds of taco.
Director: Carlos Perez Osorio
Cast: Francia Castañeda, Alicia González, Alejandro de la Rosa Jiménez
Season: 1 (2019)

‘Street Food’

If street food is what you crave, have a look at the popular street-style nosh in Asian cities such as Osaka, Delhi and Seoul. Each episode of the six-part series features a popular local grub and looks at the culture of the city.
Creator: David Gelb, Brian McGinn
Cast: Philip Hersh, Daniel Lee Gray, Chawadee Nualkhair
Season: 1 (2019)

‘The Big Family Cooking Showdown’

The Big Family Cooking Showdown debuted in 2017. As the name suggests, the show is a competition in which families execute culinary challenges. The series might inspire some teamwork in the kitchen.
Directors: Cher Adamson, Hermione Drew, Alex McCarter, Claire O’Sullivan, Emma Reynolds
Cast: Angellica Bell, Tommy Banks, Zoë Ball
Season: 2 (2017, 2018)

‘Ugly Delicious’

As the title of the show suggests, American chef David Chang’s Ugly Delicious examines food that might not look great, but tastes great. Often the item in focus has an important historical and social context. For instance, fried chicken, which could be a chapter in African American history. In the first season, Chang ate and discussed foods such as pizza, shrimp, crawfish and fried chicken. In the second season, he gets  perspective on curries, steak and more. Read our review of season two here.
Creator: Eddie Schmidt, Jason Zeldes
Cast: David Chang
Seasons: 2 (2018, 2020)

‘Wok of Love’

Unlike the rest of the shows on our list, Wok of Love is a 19-part Korean fiction series. The story follows Seo Poong, who revives his career after being wrongfully fired from one of the city’s most successful restaurants.
Writer: Sook Hyang Seo
Cast: Jun-Ho Lee, Hyuk Jang, Ryeowon Jung
Season: 1 (2018)

‘Million Pound Menu’

British series Million Pound Menu is the Shark Tank of food shows. In the series, hosted by French actor Fred Sirieix, participants try to win over investors with their novel restaurant ideas. In the second season, participants woo the jury with a signature dish.
Creators: Natalie McArdle, Shaun Parry
Cast: Fred Sirieix
Seasons: 2 (2018, 2019)

‘Cooking on High’

If you’re a friend of marijuana, Cooking on High is the show for you. Hosted by YouTuber Josh Levya, the 12-part competitive cooking series features cannabis as the central ingredient.
Director: Marcel Fuentes
Cast: Josh Levya
Season: 1 (2018)

‘Please Take Care of My Refrigerator’

One of a kind Korean variety show Please Tale Care of My Refrigerator, also known as Chef and My Fridge, features the best Korean chefs cooking for celebrities. The chefs use ingredients they find in the celebrity’s fridge. While it’s easy to draw parallels between this show and others such as Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua or Food Network’s Chopped there are differences. For instance, the winner isn’t rewarded with anything except bragging rights.
Cast: Kim Seong-Joo, Ahn Jung-hwan
Seasons:  1 (2014-2017)

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