Mindbending Twists
50%Overall Score

Verdict:  A thriller with multiple twists that keep you guessing the truth.

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Fractured is directed by Brad Anderson, who’s worked on films like The MachinistSession 9, and Transsiberian. The film stars Avatar actor Sam Worthington in the lead role with a supporting cast that includes Lily RabeLucy Capri, Stephen Toblowsky, and more.

What’s Fractured About:

While driving home from a cross-country trip with his wife Joanne (Lily Rabe) and nine-year-old daughter Peri (Lucy Capri), Ray (Sam Worthington) stops at a gas station. In the moment when he is distracted and his wife is away, Peri wanders off to the edge of a construction site. While trying to reach out for her, Peri falls off and so does Ray. Ray wakes up from a daze after hitting his head to see Joanne with Peri, who seems to have fractured her arm. The three of them drive to the nearest hospital, where a doctor issues a scan that Joanne decides to accompany Peri for. Ray falls asleep from exhaustion while waiting in the lobby, and when he wakes up, the hospital seems to have no record of Ray’s family checking in – or even existing.

What Works:

Fractured keeps you guessing about what and whom you should trust. Everything that you see might not be the true version of events. You get to see which parts are true, bit by bit. Sam Worthington does a decent job playing the unreliable narrator who has just enough credibility backed up by what we’ve seen but also is filled with confusion that’s heightened by paranoia.

The score and cinematography work well together to create a foreboding atmosphere. The film majorly takes place in a hospital but it doesn’t feel like a place of healing but rather a place of hidden secrets and nightmares. Whom do you trust – the man with a head injury who seems to be at the center of a conspiracy or a hospital that seems to conveniently have issues with record-keeping? Just when you feel like you’ve figured out the right side, new information comes to light and shifts everything you know yet again.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The story that Fractured tells tries to do too much with too little. The narrative seems disjointed and it might be hard for some viewers to follow along with what’s real and what’s not. The ending, while interesting, could have left a stronger impact that would’ve elevated the film.

Why You Should Watch:

If you’re interested in psychological thrillers, you’ll have fun following along the events that take place in Fractured and guessing what will happen next. The film has echoes of thrillers like Shutter Island and will keep you engaged with its many twists.

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