Director: Amrit Raj Gupta
Writer: Nikhil Vijay
Cast: Jameel Khan, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar, Shivankit Singh Parihar

The Viral Fever’s Gullak, which is streaming for free on SonyLiv, is really a sweet clutch of anecdotes about a family. Think of it as a collection of short stories. The Mishra family’s gullak, meaning piggybank, is the narrator of these vignettes.

The stories paint a warm and charming portrait of the Mishra family. There’s papa, the placid patriarch working a typical nine-to-five government job, mummy, who is fluently sarcastic and has a complaint about everything at the tip of her tongue. Their elder son Annu is unemployed and trying his luck with staff selection commission exams and the younger school-going Aman alternates between being an ally and an enemy to his older brother.

The metaphor is clear in the first episode in which we’re introduced to the Mishras. They discuss the renovation of their home, which has cracks despite having a strong foundation. All relationships need work no matter how close they are, the show suggests. The threats are not even life-changing events or dramatic phenomena. They have simple, everyday problems such as a broken water pump on a Sunday, snarky neighbours, fights over trivial things and their solutions are charming and full of humour. Gullak the narrator suggests that it’s the little successes and failures that add up to the piggybank of experiences that is life.

These ordinary moments are elevated by realistic performances by the cast, especially Geetanjali Kulkarni, who plays the ever-angry mummy. A backslap also to Nikhil Vijay for this terrific writing.

The heart-warming show is an example of how ordinary life can be mined for engaging drama. Another quality piece of content from the folks at TVF.