Music is so powerful. It can make you feel all sorts of emotions, and if it were a person it would probably be your best friend. Think about it, music is there with you in your good times, bad times, depressing times, restless times, sleep-deprived times, work out times, and currently, it is the calm to many souls during this time of quarantine and social distancing due to the COVID-19 virus. If you love all things music, these movies need to be on your must-watch list now that you have free time as you “work from home.”

8 Mile 

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Lose yourself to some genius rap music as the master of rap himself takes you on a journey of his life’s ups and downs, as well his determination to prove himself as a rapper who cannot be messed with. Watching Eminem in action is overwhelming. We promise you won’t regret it.

Almost Famous 

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This film is a semi-biopic and is inspired by director Cameron Crowe’s life. The plot of this movie follows a high school and aspiring music journalist (Patrick Fugit) who is given a chance to write a story for the Rolling Stone Magazine and to cover an up-and-coming rock band who he also accompanies on tour. This award-winning film makes for a great watch and you won’t be able to complain about being bored anymore.

Walk The Line

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This film is a biopic based on two autobiographies authored by Johnny Cash. This film follows Cash’s early life, his romance with June Carter and his ascent in the music scene. Watch Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in this Oscar-nominated film. Fun fact: This movie was nominated for five Oscar and Reese Witherspoon won the Best Actress award for her performance at the 78th Acadamy Awards. Let some brilliant country music filled with heart and soul fill up your home.

The Sound Of Music 

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Some people love it, others hate it but you can’t ignore it. This musical is about 3 hours long but it’s an iconic movie that deserves to be watched at least once in your lifetime. This Oscar-winning movie has some epic songs that you can easily song-along to. If you haven’t watched this movie, you have no excuses not to. If you have, channel the bathroom singer in you and sing along to Do-Re-Mi, My Favorite Things, and more.


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This movie is about an ambitious jazz drumming student named Andrew (Miles Teller) who aspires to be a world-class drummer like Buddy Rich. Famed conductor Terence Fletcher (J. K. Simmons) invites Andrew to play in his studio band but Fletcher is an abusive instructor. Get ready to witness some intense passion and top-notch jazz music as you watch Andrew’s journey of perseverance and extreme hand-work to be the best.

A Star Is Born

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This movie follows a famous country-rock singer (Bradley Cooper) who is battling with alcohol addiction. He falls in love with a young talented singer (Lady Gaga) who is looking to pursue her professional musical career. This film’s song Shallow went on to win an Oscar and it’s a song you probably know. Don’t be ashamed to sing it out on top of your lungs as you wait for time to fly on by.

Bohemian Rhapsody 

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This film is a biopic based on the life of Freddie Mercury who was the lead singer of the legendary British rock band Queen. Get ready to witness hair-raising performances as well witness the birth of some of the most iconic songs like We will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody, We Are The Champions and more. This film will certainly make you feel grateful for good music that continues to live on.


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Rocketman is a biopic on the life Sir Elton John. Go on a wild journey as you witness the ups and downs of this legendary singer’s life. The film also won Best Original Song at the 92nd Academy Awards for I’m Gonna Love Me Again. What are you waiting for? Let your day be filled with some good music and a great movie.

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It will get better. Hang in there and stay safe!