We’ve been stuck at home for at least a month and any form of exercise any of us did has now turned into moving from one room to the next and occasionally opening and closing the fridge door. Unfortunately, we have to wake up and face reality. It’s important to keep ourselves as physically active as possible, even as we stay at quarantined at home. We know that working out at home requires a lot of motivation and discipline, so we thought we could help. Here is a list of movies you can watch to inspire you to exercise as you push yourself to remain active and fit.

Mary Kom

Starring Priyanka Chopra, this film is a biopic based on the life of Mary Kom. Yes, we know you probably don’t want to be a boxer but just watching how Mary Kom fought against all odds to achieve victory for her country and for herself is inspiring. Try and schedule a 30-minute workout session right after you watch the film and let the inspiration motivate you.
Streaming on:  Netflix


This Aamir Khan movie will make you thankful you don’t have to wake up at 5 AM to run and endure an intensive work out. However, this movie will stir up a desire in you to be fit and healthy. Watch Geeta and Babita master the art of wrestling through discipline and hard work. In one part of the film, it’s very inspiring to watch Mahavir (Aamir Khan) teach his daughter to not only learn from her mistakes and failures but to also rise up from them and be victorious. If you feel like you find it difficult to be disciplined, it’s okay. Keep trying until you make working out a habit.
Streaming on: Netflix

The Karate Kid

This story of this film revolves around a 12-year-old Dre Parker who moves from Detroit to Beijing with his mother. Jaden starts getting bullied and finds an ally in an elderly maintenance man named Mr. Han (Jackie Chan). Soon Mr. Han trains Dre in Kung Fu and teaches him the art of self-defense. Don’t let laziness bully you and stop you from being super productive. Let Jaden Smith be your inspiration for the day.
Streaming on: Netflix

Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness

Need some extreme levels of motivation? We present to you some extreme athletes who took part in the grueling five-day 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in order to win the title of the Fittest on Earth. Everything about this documentary is intense as these athletes push themselves physically and mentally to earn this top spot.
Streaming on: Tubi

The Rocky Franchise

Rocky is an absolute classic and an Oscar-winning film that stars Sylvester Stallone. The story revolves around the life of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated, kind-hearted boxer who is working as a debt collector for a loan shark. This small-time club-fighter now gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship. Though this film is currently not on any streaming platform, make sure to watch it when you get the chance. This franchise has seven sequels and Stallone is part of all the movies. These films will give you the right kind of motivation to get off your couch and start doing some squats and crunches.

Now that you have your motivation sorted out, get up and use that skipping rope or pick up your mat and start working on getting some abs. After you have a good and tiring work out, here are some other great movies you can watch.