Lyra and the Gyptians discover exactly what is done to kids up at Bolvanger when she finds little Billy Costa. And in another world, young Will Parry learns of a stack of letters that could hold explanations about his supposedly late father.

Writers: Jack Thorne, Philip Pullman (books)
Cast: Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, Anne-Marie Duff, Clarke Peters, James McAvoy
Streaming on: Hotstar Premium

The Gyptians and Lyra find out exactly what Mrs Coulter is up to at Bolvanger, the facility in the far north where kidnapped children are taken. The alethiometer tells Lyra she must visit a deserted fishing village to learn a vital clue about the children. Gyptian leader John Faa reluctantly lets her go with Iorek Byrnison while the rest of the group travels towards Bolvanger. At the village, Lyra finds Billy Costa, the Gyptian boy whose disappearance prompted this rescue operation. Billy is a shadow of his former self, mute, unresponsive and missing his daemon. Now they know that up in Bolvanger, children are split from their daemons. It’s the same as separating their souls.

Farder Coram meets the witch Serafina Pekkala. In previous episodes, Coram had revealed that he and Pekkala had been in love years ago and had a child that died. Pekkala warns him of a coming war.

Meanwhile, in the alternate world, Father Boreal spies on John Parry’s family. Parry is Asriel’s counterpart in this particular world. He disappeared 13 years ago, leaving behind a wife and son, Will. Boreal and his spy Thomas suspect that Parry has been travelling between worlds. A stack of letters in his wife’s cupboard could hold answers to his activities.

Finally, Lyra reaches Bolvanger before the Gyptians. She’s captured from their camp by hunters and deposited at the facility. There, she’s readied for the dreaded procedure.