“I wanna take the story of Hollywood and give it a rewrite,” declares aspiring screenwriter Archie Coleman (Jeremy Pope). That’s exactly what Ryan Murphy and Ian Brenan’s Hollywood is, a reimagining of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

The series follows a motley bunch of aspiring actors and filmmakers who are willing to do anything to achieve their Tinseltown dreams. There’s the self-proclaimed “star maker” Henry Wilson (Jim Parsons), hunky beefcake Rock Hudson (Jake Picking), ambitious filmmaker Raymond Ainsley (Darren Criss), powerful female studio exec Ellen Kincaid (Holland Taylor) and a black leading lady, Camille Washington (Laura Harrier). The limited series shines a spotlight on gender, race and sexuality biases that exist to this day. It examines what the entertainment landscape would look like if these biases had been dismantled in the early days.

Creators: Ryan Murphy, Ian Brenan
Cast: Darren Criss, Holland Taylor, Patti LuPone, Samara Weaving
Streaming on: Netflix

Hollywood releases on Friday, May 1.