Kanan Gill, who was on tour for most of the past year, is out with a new special on Netflix. As the title, Yours Sincerely, suggests, the show is about a letter. Gill reads out a letter on “life goals” that his 15 year-old self had written to the future Kanan. He uses the missive as a springboard to talk about a bunch of things, hernia, metaphors, apps that remind you to drink water, birthday bumps, Julius Ceasar. In a light-hearted way, Gill also touches upon serious issues such as bullying and depression.

Making small talk

Kanan observes that abroad, everyday transactions involve extensive conversation. Just getting a coffee is like playing a “national sport” given the amount of chatter you have to participate in. In India, on the other hand, things get personal very quickly in similar situations.

Timepass versus pastime

Gill brings up the fact that the term “timepass” is used to both describe an activity and review it. For instance, the answer to both “What are you doing?” and “How was the show?” can both be “timepass”. He compares the term to the legitimate word, “pastime”.

‘Focus on your health’

One of the goals in Gill’s letter to himself is to “focus on your health”. The comedian is quick to laugh at this and calls out the fact that he has gained a considerable amount of weight. He smoothly tells us that this is because he has a medical condition and then begins to joke about that too, without making you flinch.

Letter writing

Gill’s piece on writing formal and informal letters, a topic we’ve all learned in school, is particularly funny. Many viewers will agree with him when he says that all our informal letters were addressed to one kind of person.

Metaphors and similes

Admit it. Metaphors and similes have always been confusing. Gill jokes about the number of times he asked his “maths + English” teacher to explain the difference to him and how he still doesn’t get it.

Director: Neville Shah
Writer: Kanan Gill
Cast: Kanan Gill
Streaming on: Netflix