There’s tons of regional content on OTT platforms, provided you know where to look. If Kannada dramas do it for you, Disney+ Hotstar has a great roster of television shows that are streaming online. We put together a list.


Amrutha and Varsha are married to cousins living in a joint family. In order to win over her husband’s heart, Amrutha, a simple, timid girl seeks help from her intimidating mother-in-law, Shakuntaladevi, to transform into a poised and self-assured woman. Varsha, on the other hand, is a confident city girl, influenced by her mother-in-law, Yashodha, to create problems for Amrutha.
Director: Suresh HC
Cast: Kishori Ballal, Vijay
Seasons: 43 (2012-2017)


A sweet, innocent girl is forcibly married to an aloof, arrogant businessman. Aragini focuses on their love-hate relationship.
Director: Ravi Garani
Cast: Meghana, Siddharth Patil
Seasons: 17 (2013-2015)

‘Avanu Mathe Shravani’

The series follows the unusual romance between a Kannadiga boy, Surya (Surya Darshan), and a simple Tamil girl, Shravani (Chaitra Reddy), who bond over their fierce love for Surya’s daughter, Deeksha.
Cast: Surya Darshan, Chaitra Reddy
Seasons: 25 (2014-2017)


This romantic drama (pictured above) focuses on Meghana, a happy, simple and feisty small-town girl who loves her friends and will go to great lengths to help them. Her life unravels when she meets Tejasvi.
Director: V Madhusudhan
Cast: Mithun Tejasvi, Meghana Gaonkar, Baby Indira
Seasons: 10 (2014-2016)


A family drama comprising a love triangle, Milana is the story of a wealthy boy, his sweet, newly-wedded small-town wife, and the woman he’s having an affair with.
Director: V Madhusudhan
Cast: Vinutha, Samarth Shandilya, Nagesh Yadav
Seasons: 27 (2013-2016)


This romantic drama showcases the relationship between the fun-loving Rajani and the stoic Vishnu. After marriage, Rajani discovers that her new family has been keeping secrets.
Cast: Karthik Mahesh, Rupa, Jayasree
Seasons: 11 (2015)

‘Mouna Raaga’

This is the touching story of Raaga, a girl born into a family that longed to have a boy. While she yearns for her father’s affection, she faces his fury and injustice.
Director: Tilak
Cast: Suvarna
Seasons: 1 (2018)

‘Bili Hendthi’

A Kannadiga boy, Ajith (Deepak Gowda), hailing from a traditional, religious family falls in love with and gets married to a foreigner, Shirley (Krystyna Devina Lason), who is determined to fit in and win everyone’s hearts.
Cast: Krystyna Devina Lason, Deepak Gowda
Seasons: 1 (2018)