If you’ve been scanning the web for Kannada content, check out this handy guide to shows on Voot that range from romances to family dramas.

‘Nammane Yuvarani’

This is a story (pictured above) of the two daughters-in-law of the Rajagur family, one of whom is the daughter of the cook who works for the family. The series follows her struggles as she tries to fit in into her new household.
Cast: Ankita Amar, Kavya Madhav, Deepak Gowda, Prakruthi Prasad, Jyothi Kiran
Seasons: 1 (2019)

‘Nannarasi Radhe’

This drama follows a diligent, hard-working young girl who lands a job at Agastya Enterprises, a company run by the Rathod family’s son, Agastya. They have to field plenty of drama as their lives intertwine.
Cast: Kaustubha Mani, Arfath Shariff
Seasons: 1 (2020)


This is the story of a woman living in a house she’s not welcome in, with a man who is not in love with her. Geetha fights against all odds to turn her life around.
Director: Ramji
Cast: Bhavya Gowda, Dhanush Gowda, Sharmitha, Nisarga
Seasons: 1 (2020)

‘Mangala Gowri Maduve’

Focusing on the issue of child marriage, this drama features an eight-year-old girl married off to a boy of the same age and her journey into adulthood. As she grows up, she speaks up against orthodox traditions.
Director: Ramji
Cast: Ranjani Raghavan, Rakshith Gowda, Kavyashree, Gagan Chinnappa
Seasons: 1 (2013)

‘Seetha Vallabha’

A son of a business tycoon falls for a homeless, orphan girl. The lovers stand up against societal norms for their relationship.
Director: Mysore Manju
Cast: Supritha Sathyanarayan, Jagannath Chandrashekhar
Seasons: 1 (2018)


Worried about her son’s wayward lifestyle and aversion to marriage, a mother hatches a plan when she comes across a sweet, small-town teacher, who she hopes will bring her son on track.
Cast: Ranjani Raghavan, Kiran, Sarah Annaiah
Seasons: 1 (2020)

‘Mooru Gantu’

In order to revive his career, a fading superstar takes part in a swayamvara show and ends up getting married to the one girl he doesn’t like. In a twist, it turns out he actually got hitched to the girl’s twin sister who in love with him.
Cast: Samikshaa, Anirudh Balaji
Seasons: 1 (2020)

‘Ivalu Sujatha’

A widow in her early 30s works two jobs to support both her families. When she meets and falls in love with a 27-year-old businessman, they must go against their families’ principles to be together.
Cast: Meghashri, Girija Lokesh, Aparna, Mandhya Ramesh
Seasons: 1 (2019)

‘Silli Lalli’

This sitcom revolves around the lives of Dr. Vittal Rao (Ravishankar Gowda) and his family members as they struggle with and solve daily problems using each other’s help.
Director: Vijaya Prasad
Cast: Ravishankar Gowda, Manju Bhashini, Roopa Prabhakar
Seasons: 2 (2014, 2019)

‘Magalu Janaki’

Having faced numerous difficulties throughout her life, a sweet, innocent girl meets her estranged father after 20 years. This drama follows the emotional bond between the two.
Director: T N Seetharam
Cast: Ganavi Laxman, Seetharam, Rakesh Maiya
Seasons: 1 (2018)

‘Bhoomi Thayane’

A rich city boy moves to a small village and gets married to a local girl there. The series follows their lives and the struggles they face.
Director: Raghu Charan
Seasons: 1 (2019)

‘Mangalyam Tantunanena’

Sharavni (Divya Wagukar), who is looking forward to becoming an IAS officer, is forced to marry an unlucky boy named Tejaswi. Their relationship must overcome various struggles.
Cast: Divya Wagukar, Krishnaraj Shetty, Rakshit Urs Gopal, RK Chandan
Seasons: 1 (2018)

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