Kenneth Sebastian aka Kenny is known for his trending YouTube series Chai Time With Kenny, Comicstaan and Don’t Be That Guy on Amazon Prime. He makes his Netflix debut with Kenny Sebastian: The Most Interesting Person In The Room. In this special, Kenny talks about his childhood days, music learning in school and why he dislikes ostriches. Here are the highlights.

Chappals vs shoes 

Sebastian explains the class divide using the analogy of footwear. The class system is so entrenched that it exists even in the shoe rack. Ever seen chappals in a shoe rack? He moves on to other inequalities such as height, pointing out that he has experienced first-hand discrimination on the basketball court.

His favourite part about school was art and the music class

Even though his teacher would never allow the class to play the guitar because it might give them an electric shock. He also talks about his love for art (he’s a graduate in Fine Arts) and what it means to be an artist when your dad is a graduate of IIM Kanpur. When it comes to failed expectations he’s not alone as that’s the one thing that connects all Indians, he says. Sebastian underscores his point by drawing a comparison with the ostrich.

Sebastian sings and he’s good

The best part of the show is Sebastian playing funny songs on his guitar. Then he returns to his least favourite bird, the ostrich, explaining why it’s a disappointing creature.

Sebastian tends to stretch his jokes and, in the process, the patience of his audience. The only moments in which he has our attention are the times he sings.

Directors: Angshuman Ghosh, Neville Shah
Writer: Kenneth Sebastian
Cast: Kenneth Sebastian
Streaming on: Netflix