Lend Your Queer Ears To These 5 Fab Podcasts On LGBTQ Matters

From coming-out stories to laws around gender issues, these podcasts cover the gamut of queer matters. In honour of Pride month, we put together this list of podcasts, which you will find informative, funny and deeply moving.


Hosts and best friends, Kathy Tu and Tobin Low invite you to explore your identity as they explore theirs. From personal coming-out stories to the role of Asian men in gay porn, they cover diverse topics around the queer experience today. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time.

‘Keeping it Queer’

Being unique or different is ok and this is what this podcast hosted by Farhad Karkaria and stand-up comedian Navin Noronha is all about. Keep up-to-date with laws, pop culture, LGBTQ myths and other things.

‘De Taali’

De Taali: Life of a Transgender is full of comedy, drama, emotion and inspiration. The show digs into the lives of transgenders and is narrated by Fida Khan, who is transgender. She answers a lot of burning questions about the hijra community.


To learn any language we must first learn alphabets. GAYBCD is all about learning and discovering queer life in today’s world. Each episode focuses on an issue represented by an alphabet. For example, P is for pride.


Hosted by comedian, Cameron Esposito, Queery is a podcast that not only educates you and makes you laugh, it connects with your heart. You will hear long discussions and stories on gender, sexuality, identity and civil rights.

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Image: Jasmine Sessler via Unsplash.

Bijay Gautam: is the co-founder of WYN Studio, a creative content studio specialising in audio storytelling and the host of The Inspiring Talk podcast, finalist for Asia's Best Podcast Award. A sought after podcast coach and mentor who has inspired 200+ mentees to give voice to their narratives.