Talented designers with existing brands are put to the test by a panel of judges to find the one brand that can be built up as the next global fashion phenomenon.

Creators: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn
Director: Ramy Romany
Cast: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Naomi Campbell, Carine Roitfeld, Joseph Altuzzara, Nicole Richie
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

And then there were ten

Making the Cut started out with 12 designers. The list is now down to ten. What do you do with an even number? You pair them up and get them to collaborate because, in Gunn’s words, “The very basic concept of working with other people and brands is key to running a successful business.” The Ponts des Arts is the runway where their collaborative efforts will be displayed before the judges. The chosen teams get along, for the most part. There’s a predictable smattering of drama but the designers smooth things over before showtime. Sander Bos and Sabato Russo, who dub themselves Papi and Bebe, create a three look mini collection that wins the judges’ approval and the challenge.

The judges are ruthless but believe in second chances

The judges don’t hold back any punches when it comes to saying what’s on their mind. They don’t mince words, not even to spare the contestants’ feelings. Over the course of two episodes, they eliminate three contestants. However, the designers do have the opportunity to build a case for themselves. For instance, Troy Arnold convinced the judges to give him a second chance.

Naomi Campbell is a gift that keeps on giving

She lambasts, she showers affection, she backs up her critique or praise with sound logic and a Mid-Atlantic accent, and the contestants can’t get enough of her. For instance, after dressing down a truly awful design by Arnold, she serves final shade with, “As a model, it would be a nightmare to model that outfit.” And yet, Arnold simply nods reverently (or out of fear), because who would dare argue with Campbell! Everything that the supermodel says makes her stand out among the other, paler judges. Her rousing speech about how the designers lack the hunger to really make it causes Gunn and Klum to quickly confer and turn episode four into an impromptu “fight for life” challenge for the designers in which they have to create one accessible look in seven hours all by themselves.

Pack your bags for Tokyo

After putting the designers through an emotional wringer, Klum cheers them up and gives us a glimpse of what’s next by announcing that Making the Cut is heading to Tokyo.

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