Talented designers with existing brands are put to the test by a panel of judges to find the one brand that can build the next global fashion business.

Home is where the muse is

The three finalists, Sander Bos, Esther Perbandt and Jonny Cota have had a whirlwind fashion world tour across New York, Paris and Tokyo. As they enter the last leg of the competition, they’re sent to their respective homes (Antwerp, Berlin and Los Angeles) to complete their final assignment – to create, design and merchandise pop-up shops that are representative of their brands. They also have to create a collection with 12-14 looks for a fashion show and prepare a business pitch explaining how they will utilise the million-dollar prize money towards nurturing their brands. Fast forward one month to New York where they gather to showcase their work. The three are happy to be reunited and tide over the moment when Perbandt and Cota discover a similar aesthetic in their collections without any drama.

And the winner is…

Jonny Cota. He isn’t the best designer among the trio but the judges are impressed with his evolution over the course of the show. They also find his business pitch and brand more conducive for the global market as opposed to the other two who are deemed “too conceptual to be a global brand for everyday consumers”.  To be fair to Cota, he did a complete turnaround after bombing a few challenges early on in the competition, and his brand already has the capacity to manufacture and ship clothes.

Did we say we love Naomi Campbell?

Campbell has been formidable, interesting and genuine since day one. We have consistently been tuning in to watch her on-point critiques and the tough love she showers on the competitors. Fierce, knowledgeable about fashion and frank, the supermodel has easily been the highlight of the show for us. If there’s anything we’ll miss about Making the Cut, it’ll be her gracing our screen with those sharp cheekbones and sharper repartees.

Creators: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn
Director: Ramy Romany
Cast: Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Naomi Campbell, Carine Roitfeld, Joseph Altuzzara, Nicole Richie
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

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