Horror is an audience favorite, no matter how many sleepless nights it gives us. The spooky effects and eerie atmosphere allows our imagination to go wild. Malayalam cinema, too, has its own share of horror movies, most of them revolving around “mystery”. They may not have exceptional visual effects or high standards like Hollywood movies do, but they undoubtedly scare the life out of you. Here are some of the best you need to watch right away. 

Vayanadan Thamban 

The film revolves around a 100-year-old sorcerer played by Kamal Haasan, who seduces young, virgin girls to appease a devil in order to attain everlasting youth. The film may not have ghosts, but sorcery indeed is even scarier. Something that starts like a romantic film later takes ugly turns and spooks you out. This 1978 film would be a good choice if you enjoy movies in the horror genre. 

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Sreekrishna Parunthu

’90s kids would agree when we say that this film scarred us for life. With ghosts, vadayakshis, and other demons, this film has everything that could frighten the daylights out of you. Mohanlal, who plays the role of a rogue-turned-saint, is exceptional in his own ways. Sreekrishna Parunthu also has some really beautiful songs and a very twisted plot that would keep you scared yet glued to the screen at the same time. 

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Manichitrathazhu definitely fits into the genre of horror with its references of Nagavalli, the setting, and very eerie background music. When a couple with modern ideologies decides to stay in the ancestral home renowned for being haunted, you know it is not going to end well. But the film is much more than what we perceive it to be. An extraordinary performance from Shobhana is another reason not to miss this masterpiece. 

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Akasha Ganga 

The base of most horror movies is how a deadly ghost possesses a human body and takes revenge on people who caused its death. Akasha Ganga would be one of the most entertaining films in that genre. With the late Mayoori as the ghost and Divya Unni as the one who is possessed, the film takes us through two different periods with very powerful storytelling. The intense scary scenes should not be missed. 

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Vishal Krishnamoorthy (Mohanlal) is expelled from college for playing a prohibited musical instrument called Seven Bells. Years later, circumstances bring him back to college and this time, he decides to discover the truth behind the instrument. The spooky film is quite underrated but a must-watch as it keeps you glued to your seats to know what actually happened.  

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This film, as its name says, deals with a very scary ghost. But unlike many other movies of the horror genre, the base of this film is humor. Also, it opens its doors to something that most of us are unaware of – mentalism. Jayasurya as Mentalist John Don Bosco uncovers the mystery behind a haunted room in a resort owned by three friends. The film is a must-watch for the way it has dealt with solving mysteries.

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