A compelling film
80%Overall Score

Verdict: Marriage Story is the heartbreaking reality on marriage and divorce.

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Director Noah Baumbach managed to make a film about the complexities of marriage and divorce in a manner that’s so real. Marriage Story has no extra fluff, no over-romanticizing things, no dreamy version of reality – it’s just the heartbreaking reality of one family. This is the reality where divorce is not as easy as flipping a switch; it’s the point where love and indifference come face to face.

What’s Marriage Story About:

The film opens with Charlie Barber (Adam Driver) and Nicole Barber (Scarlett Johansson) reading out a list of everything they love about each other. It’s a sweet start until you are shown that this couple is on the verge of getting a divorce and they are trying to follow an exercise suggested to them by their counselor. What follows is a story that takes you deep into the heart of Charlie, Nicole, and their son Henry’s (Azhy Robertson) life. While Nicole and Charlie start off by trying to separate on amicable terms, things get messy and nasty when they involve big-shot divorce lawyers. Soon the couple transitions from people who respected each other and wanted to be friends to now people at war over their son’s custody.

What Works:

Adam Driver plays the role of a genius, slightly self-absorbed, and highly successful theatre director to perfection. His character borders between being an adorable perfectionist who truly cares about his son and being a stubborn and determined person who often overshadows his wife. Scarlett Johansson plays her character astoundingly well. Her emotional portrayal of Nicole’s pain and joy is so realistic, it feels like you know her. Both Adam and Scarlett draw you into their story and take you on an intense journey. One thing that deserves to be mentioned is that Marriage Story doesn’t set out to change your opinion on marriage or divorce; it’s simply there to tell you an honest and heartbreaking story.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Marriage Story is an intense film and may not be an easy watch if you can relate to the story or the characters.

Why You Should Watch:

This Noah Baumbach directorial is a compelling film that will have your attention from the get-go. Also, don’t miss Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson deliver genuine and award-worthy performances.