Fugitive jeweller Nirav Modi’s uncle, diamond merchant Mehul Choksi, has moved the Delhi High Court against Netflix‘s upcoming show Bad Boy Billionaires – India. The Netflix show will focus on India’s infamous four billionaire businessmen, two of whom have fled the country after pulling off financial scams of thousands of crores of rupees.

Mehul Choksi contends that what is shown in Netflix’s Bad Boy Billionaires may sway the judiciary’s opinion against him and cause damage to his endeavour to prove himself innocent. Mehul Choksi’s lawyers filed the case in the Delhi High Court on his behalf, requesting Netflix to provide him with a preview of the show before streaming it to the world.

Netflix on its part has claimed that the show lingers on Mehul Choksi for a mere two minutes. The main focus of the show is on disgraced Indian tycoons Vijay Mallya, of the defunct Kingfisher Airlines, Nirav Modi, who ran an eponymous label, Subrato Roy of Sahara, and Byrraju Ramalinga Raju of the defunct Satyam Computers. But that is what is worrying Mehul Choksi more. He thinks the show while focusing on his nephew Nirav Modi, will portray him in a bad light too.

Mehul Choksi is holed up in Antigua ever since he fled Indian shores after swindling Punjab National Bank of almost 13,500 crore INR, in cahoots with his nephew Nirav Modi. Choksi has maintained all along that he is innocent and the entire fraud was orchestrated by Nirav Modi.

As per Netflix, the docuseries explores the greed, fraud and corruption that built up and ultimately brought down India’s most infamous tycoons.

The Delhi High Court has postponed the hearing to August 28 and asked Netflix to revert to the request.