One of the most talked about things this month has definitely been the imminent launch of Amazon Prime Video’s Mirzapur season 2. The streaming platform went to great lengths to create some buzz around everything from the trailer launch to its decision to stream season one for free until the end of September.

If you’ve seen the trailer, you know that Mirzapur season 2 is going to be jam-packed with action and thrills. New characters are all set to join the old, to create a season that looks promising. And just in case you’ve only skimmed through season 1 (or haven’t watched it yet), Amazon Prime Video just released a recap video of Mirzapur season 1.

This recap video has quick flashes of everything you need to know about the first season, from the beginning to the grisly end. Slightly over six minutes long, this video is as good a refresher as you could possibly need before you settle down with that big tub of popcorn to watch Mirzapur season 2 on October 23.

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