Fans of Prime Video’s Indian original series Mirzapur are eagerly awaiting the release of the season. After a long wait with little or no information, the recent Friday, October 23 date reveal thrilled fans.

However, there are some who still can’t wait to see what happens next on their favourite show. If you’re one of those people, you can check out these internet theories on major plot points for season two.

Guddu returns

In season two, Guddu will be in recovery from the injury and eager for payback for the death of his wife and brother at the hands of Munna. Ali Fazal, the actor who plays him, has indicated that we will see a different side of his character in the next season. Perhaps in the next season, we will see a more level-headed and calculating Guddu and less roid rage.

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A son takes revenge

At the end of the first season, Sharad, the son of Rati Shankar (an old enemy of Kaleen Tripathi, killed in season one) was shown shaving his head and reflecting on how badly his father wanted Mirzapur.  He will likely be a major thorn in the side of the Tripathi family as he appears to be more cunning than his father was.

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Munna faces his father’s wrath

Munna will be punished by his father Kaleen for his failure in the first season, even though he was told he would be taking over Mirzapur. The consequences of Munna being undermined just might prove to be a huge boost for Guddu’s cause in seeking revenge for his losses at Munna’s hands.

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Golu joins the fray

After the witnessing her sister’s murder, Golu will join her brother-in-law in taking up arms against Munna and Kaleen.

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Mirzapur is all set for an explosive season two as the Tripathi family will be under threat from all sides from former allies and old enemies.

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