Movie Recommendations For All The Writers Stuck At Home

This time of quarantine has been so strange, to say the least. However, we want to focus on the light at the end of this long and dark tunnel. This article is dedicated to all you aspiring writers out there. Don’t let these bleak times limit you from seizing the day “Carpe Diem” to create and write. Writing serves as a beautiful outlet to tell a story that would otherwise be lost to time and age. The best stories are often rooted in something that’s deeply inspiring and creative. If you are looking for some motivation to continue writing or if you need some inspiration to get over writer’s block then we’ve got the perfect movie recommendations for you.

Dead Poets Society

First off, if you’ve not seen this film make sure you put it on your must-watch list. It stars Robin Williams as an English teacher John Keating. Mr. Keating’s methods of teaching are unorthodox and he never fails to encourage his students to live extraordinary lives. Passion is contagious and when you watch Mr. Keating talk about poetry with true passion, it may just rub off on you too. We’ll leave you with some quotes from the film that is sure to motivate you. “No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.” What you write can create an impact on other people. So don’t ever stop writing. Also, “you must strive to find your own voice. Because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are to find it at all.”

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Julie & Julia

This film is very relatable and will inspire you. If you have a blog but haven’t been writing consistently or if you’ve desired to start a blog, now is the time. Watch Julie Powell (Amy Adams) start a blog in her attempt to make every recipe in Julia Child’s (portrayed by Meryl Streep) cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Julie goes from writing a blog that only her mother reads to eventually getting a good following. This movie will show you the power of being persistent and never giving up. Also, another thing that is sure to motivate you as you watch this film is that it is based on the lives of two brilliant individuals.

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Almost Famous

This film is about an aspiring young journalist who lands a dream assignment – a story for the Rolling Stone magazine about an up-and-coming rock band as he travels with them on tour. This film is partly based on director Cameron Crowe’s own experiences as a teenage reporter for Rolling Stone. The sheer determination of 15-year-old William Miller (Patrick Fugit) to write this story is incredible. He doesn’t let his young age stop him from going after what he desires.

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If you are interested in investigative journalism then this movie is definitely for you. Based on a true story, Spotlight is about a group of journalists who work for the Boston Globe. They begin to investigate the systemic issue of child abuse within the catholic church and how the Archdiocese covered it up. Their expose went on to become one of the biggest scandals in modern history. To be able to cover riveting, pertinent stories while also being unafraid of exposing the truth is something that we lack in journalism today. However, this movie serves as a great source of inspiration to talk about the truth and let the world know the truth as it is and not a distorted version of the truth.

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Don’t miss out on taking advantage of the time you have to stream these movies and get your dose of motivation and inspiration. We also have some honorable mentions of movies that are currently not on any streaming platform but make the cut for being brilliant films that writers should watch.

Sunset Boulevard

This film revolves around Joe Gillis (William Holden) who is a hack screenwriter strapped for cash and trying to make it big in Hollywood. He soon meets Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson), a long-forgotten actress who is desperately looking to make a comeback. Joe agrees to help write a screenplay for Norma’s comeback film for the money even though he knows that it’s going to be a massive flop.


This film follows the life of Charlie Kaufman (Nicolas Cage) who is struggling to create a screenplay adaptation of the novel “The Orchid Theif.” An exhausted Charlie turns to his twin brother Donald who is also a screenwriter for help. Soon they realize that they need to talk to the author of this book played by Meryl Streep to get a better insight into it. This film connects these three writers and shows how different personalities translate differently on a page.

Midnight In Paris

This movie stars Owen Wilson as Gil, a successful but unhappy screenwriter who is trying to write a novel. While vacationing in Paris with his fiancee Inez (Rachel McAdams), he goes on a late-night stroll where he discovers he can travel to the past, where he meets Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald. He also talks about romance and philosophy with the greats of literature including Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway. There is also some great advice on writing that comes up, here’s one from Ernest Hemingway, “No subject is terrible if the story is true, if the prose is clean and honest, and if it affirms courage and grace under pressure.”


This film is based on a book by Stephen King with the same name. This story follows a best-selling novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) who plans to end his career as a romance writer and shift focus to write more serious novels. However, things take an ugly turn when an obsessive fan (Kathy Bates) rescues him from a car crash and traps him in her home. This movie shows you how powerful writing can be, it has the potential to influence people and sway emotions.

Get your creative juices flowing and don’t be afraid to write, write, write. If you are already a writer, use this time to write more than ever. And if you need a break from writing, we have some more great movie recommendations for you.

Be sure to stay indoors and be safe!

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