Neeti Palta pokes fun at herself and her family as she gives us a hilarious summary of her life, right from her teenage years to marriage.

Director: Nenshad H Karbhari
Writer: Neeti Palta
Cast: Neeti Palta
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

In her stand-up special Almost SanskariNeeti Palta takes us through the rollercoaster journey that has been her life. Full of irreverent humour and endearing moments, the show can be described as having “a little bit of sanskar, and a whole lot of almost”. Palta says her family is her “main source of content” and doesn’t hold back on taking digs at her parents, brother, in-laws, and most of all, herself. Here’s what you can expect from this stand-up special.

The awkward years

Palta confesses she was an ugly teenager. She talks about crushes and how she was never catcalled in the city of Delhi. She also expresses outrage over her friend Pooja, who defied evolution to turn out beautiful even in her teenage years.

It’s all about loving your family

Palta grew up in an army household (which meant constantly being asked by friends to procure cheap alcohol from the canteen). She talks about receiving safe sex advice from her parents and recounts the time she ‘sold’ her brother for a pencil. She also explains why her grandfather loved flyovers, and touches upon the trials of being the second-born child.

She’s a good sister

Palta gives us a hilarious account of the time she volunteered to buy condoms for her reluctant brother before his wedding, after a rather boisterous cousin of theirs wasn’t up to the task.

It’s a girl thing

Palta talks at length on some of the difficulties faced by women in daily life, one of which is using public bathrooms. She also explains why girls always fare better than boys at academics.

The m-word

Her arranged marriage is a chunky topic in her set. Palta tells us hilarious stories from her “hit and trial” wedding and talks about difficulties she faced after getting hitched, such as the arduous task of touching the feel of elders and tackling “India’s favourite question”, the one about starting a family.