Recent months have been good for Netflix viewers with new seasons of The End Of The F***ing World, The Crown and Little Things. There’s more coming up. Here’s a list of new shows and fresh seasons of ongoing shows to expect at the end of this year.


‘Eastsider’: Season 4

Cal finds out that his partner Thom is cheating on him in Season 4 of this Emmy-nominated LGBTQ drama series.
Release: December 1.

‘Suits’: Season 1

A Korean version of the famous American legal drama in which a college dropout with no legal credentials impresses the best lawyer in town.
Release: December 1.

‘Nightflyers’: Season 1

A group of scientists and telepaths are aboard a spaceship full of unexplored adventures, messages and secrets, in this horror series written by George RR Martin.
Release: December 2.

‘Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah’

The comedian drops a stand-up special on her fortieth birthday. Watch Haddish sing, dance and do other crazy stuff in this complete entertainer.
Release: December 3.

‘V-War’: Season 1

A doctor turns his best friend into a vampire in this thriller vampire series starring Ian Somerhalder and Adrian Holmes.
Release: December 5.

‘Home For Christmas’: Season 1

Johanne goes hunting for a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas in this romantic series.
Release: December 5.

‘Magic For Humans’: Season 2

Magic tricks on the street by Justin Williams.
Release: December 6.

‘Fuller House’: Season 5 Part 1

DJ Fuller is a recent widow. Her sister Stephanie, best friend Kimmy and Kimmy’s teenage daughter move in to help raise her three sons.
Release: December 6.

‘Triad Princess’

Angie navigates the world of glamour in this Chinese series directed by Neal Wu.
Release: December 6.

‘Virgin River’: Season 1

A nurse moves from LA to a remote town in search of fresh opportunities. An adaption of Robyn Carr’s eponymous novel.
Release: December 6.

‘Three Days Of Christmas’: Season 1

Four sisters deal with family drama that occurs through the three days of Christmas in this Spanish series.
Release: December 6.

‘A Family Reunion Christmas’: Season 1

M’Dear and her sisters train vigorously to top this year’s church Christmas pageant.
Release: December 9.

‘The Magicians’: Season 4

Based on Lev Grossman’s adult fantasy novel of the same name, the series features Quentin Coldwater, a grad student who has the time of his life in magic college.
Release: December 16.

‘Soundtrack’: Season 1

A drama series on music that connects two struggling artists in Los Angeles.
Release: December 18.

‘The Witcher’: Season 1

Geralt of Rivia, the monster hunter, struggles to understand the functioning of the human world in this fantasy show based on the eponymous book series.
Release: December 20.

‘Lost In Space’: Season 2

The Robinson family needs to find the robot before they leave the alien planet that they crash-landed on in Season one of this sci-fi series.
Release: December 24.

‘YOU’: Season 2

A crazy but charming bookstore manager, Joe, falls in love with an aspiring writer and finds ways to be a part of her life.
Release: December 26.

‘Fast & Furious: Spy Racers’: Season 1

An animated series for kids based on the Fast & Furious films.
Release: December 26.


A psychological horror series that portrays the world of Ares, a secret student society in Amsterdam.
Release: December 31.


‘The End Of The F***ing World’: Season 2

The End Of The F***ing World 2, November 5, Netflix shows
Alyssa gets caught and James tries to escape after the two left together to find Alyssa’s real father in the final episode of the previous season. A bullet was shot. Is James still alive?
Release: November 5.
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‘Little Things’: Season 3

Dhruv moves to a new city to follow his dreams while Kavya figures what to do with her newfound independence in season three.
Release: November 9.
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‘The Crown’: Season 3

The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning show returns with an entirely new cast in season three as Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies take over as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Helena Bonham Carter will be seen playing Princess Margaret.
Release: November 17.
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‘The Big Bang Theory’: Season 12

The great American sitcom comes to a tender ending with season twelve being the last one. The theme and the jokes remain fresh and relateable as season eleven.
Release: October 1.

‘Living Undocumented’: Season 1

A group of undocumented families in the United States face deportation. The series is executive produced by Selena Gomez.
Release: October 2.

‘The Good Place’: Season 3

The sophomore season of this comedy series ended with Ted Danson who plays Michael in front of the judge arguing that humans are judged unfairly, after which the judge sent the humans back to Earth. The first look of Season 3 has all four characters Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason briefly explaining how they managed to prolong their time on the planet while Michael is busy tinkering a new experiment.
Release: October 2.

‘Seis Manos’: Season 1

Three martial arts trained orphans join the American and the Mexican police force to take the revenge to avenge their mentor’s murder.
Release: October 3.

‘Big Mouth’: Season 2

Expect more jokes about puberty in this comedic animated series about school kids dealing with bodily changes and raging hormones.
Release: October 4.

‘Creeped Out’: Season 2

Different characters explore their way through the unexplained in this intriguing British-Canadian anthology horror series that has a different story with each new episode.
Release: October 4.

Peaky Blinders’: Season 5

Tommy Shelby will go through a major transformation as he struggles to become a good man. The Shelby family will travel to the US and a gang called The Billy Boys will play the antagonists.
Release: October 4.

‘Raising Dion’

Raising Dion is a superhero, science fiction drama series based on a short film by Dennis Liu. Nicole must singly raise her son Dion, who begins to exhibit superpowers.
Release: October 4.

‘Rotten’: Season 2

The series continues to interview the manufacturers, distributors, and others involved in the process of supplying food. This season dives into the food production underworld and tries to expose the corruption and the real danger behind eating habits.
Release: October 4.

‘Super Monsters’: Season 3

In season three, young Frankenstein, Dracula, and various witches and werewolves learn to use their superpowers at their preschool center.
Release: October 4.

‘Legend Quest: Masters Of Myth’: Season 1

The twelve-year-old Leo and his ghost companions defend against the supernatural powers.
Release: October 5.

Deon Cole: Cole Hearted

Deon Cole in his stand-up show explains about the right time to thanks Jesus among other things.
Release: October 8.


The hunt for the next hip-hop superstar by Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and T.I.
Release: October 9.

‘Walking Dead’: Season 9

The American post-apocalyptic horror television series based on the comic book series focuses on the All Out War in this season.
Release: October 9.

‘Schitt’s Creek’: Season 5

A wealthy couple is forced to restart their life after they go bankrupt and the only asset left with them now is the house they bought as a joke in the small town of Schitt’s Creek.
Release: October 10.

‘Riverdale’: Season 4

A new tragedy sparks in Riverdale with the existence of Black Hood. Betty spils out a secret and Veronica confronts about her past in the new season
Release: October 10.

‘Haunted’: Season 2

Based on Shirley Jackson’s 1959 novel of the same name follows the story of a governess who takes care of two children at Bly Manor in the remote English countryside.
Release: October 11.

‘Insatiable’: Season 2

Patty Bladwell goes on a liquid diet during her summer vacation after she’s bullied for her weight. After returning to school in shape, Patty decides on to take the revenge from everyone who troubled her.
Release: October 11.

‘The Hookup Plan’: Season 2

The French rom-com series follows the misadventures of Elsa, whose friends get her an escort to help her build confidence.
Release: October 11.

‘YooHoo To The Rescue’: Season 2

Five animals who are friends travel to a new place to help other animals who are in trouble and make them their new friends on the go. The story is set in the magical land of YooTopia.
Release: October 11.

‘Arrow’: Season 7

Oliver Queen, a billionaire who has spent five years shipwrecked on Lian Yu island returns to Starling City to fight corruption with the help of his father’s diary. He plays the role of a secret vigilante who uses a bow and an arrow as his weapon.
Release: October 16.

‘Baby’: Season 2

The Italian teen drama is based on real-life events of the child prostitution scandal in Italy where two students at an elite high school in Rome decide to venture into the world of prostitution. It is famously known as the “Baby Squillo”.
Release: October 18.

‘BoJack Horseman’: Season 6 Part 1

By the end of season five, we saw BoJack strangling his girlfriend Gina to death and Diana drops him to rehab. In the new season, BoJack might be seen spending some time in the rehab and eventually come out of it.
Release: October 25.
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‘Elite’ Season 2

The Spanish mystery series follows a group of students at Las Encinas, an elite private school in Spain, and the scene of a murder. The killer was revealed at the end of season one. The plot of season two is unknown, however, we do know that new characters will be introduced.
Release: September 6.


The Simpsons creator Matt Groening’s animated comedy series set in the medieval kingdom of Dreamland continues with ten fresh episodes.
Release: September 20.

‘The Politician’

Ben Platt plays the lead as a wealthy student who wants to fulfill his political ambitions in creator Ryan Murphy’s dark comedy series.
Release: September 27.

‘Fuller House’: Season 5

This sitcom’s final season will see Stephanie as a new mother. It’s possible that the three couples DJ and Steve, Kimmy and Fernando, and Stephanie and Jimmy, might end up getting married.
Release: September 27.

‘Bard Of Blood’

Based on writer Bilal Siddiqui’s 2015 spy novel of the same name, the series has Emraan Hashmi in the role of a retired spy who returns to business to deal with his old enemies.
Release: September 27.
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‘Dear White People’: Season 3

The new season deals with blossoming romances in Winchester and a members-only club for black students of the college.
Release: August 2.

‘Derry Girls’: Season 2

In this season of the British comedy series set in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, the Derry girls have a weekend filled with outdoor pursuits.
Release: August 2.

‘Ask The StoryBots’: Season 3

The animated kids’ favourite returns with a new season in which the story bots consider major issues.
Release: August 2.

‘Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj’ Volume 4

In the previous season of his much-acclaimed show, American comedian Hasan Minhaj addressed issues such as slow internet in the US, the Sudan protests and the Indian elections. Let’s see what he takes digs at this time.
Release: August 4.

‘Wu Assassins’

The new show is Netflix’s first-ever martial arts drama series. Set in San Francisco’s Chinatown, it follows a chef who becomes a Wu assassin to take back powers captured by criminals.
Release: August 8.

‘Glow’: Season 3

The wrestling girls of Glow arrive at a Las Vegas club to put on a show in this season.
Release: August 9.

‘Cable Girls’: Season 4

Four women work in a telephone company in Madrid in the 1920s in this Spanish show.
Release: August 9.

‘Sacred Games’: Season 2

A new side of each character will be unveiled as the story of Gaitonde and Sartaj continues. New characters played by Ranvir Shorey and Kalki Koechlin are also in this season.
Release: August 15.

‘Mindhunter’ Season 2

The second season of director David Fincher’s crime drama will deal with the ‘Atlanta child murders’ that took place between 1979 and 1981. Detectives Holden Ford and Bill Tench and their academic associate Wendy Carr will investigate the case, which involved the killing of 28 African-American children, teenagers, and adults.
Release: August 16.
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’13 Reasons Why’: Season 3

The first two seasons of this serious teen drama spoke of issues such as bullying and self-harm. Expect more highs and lows in the highly anticipated third season. We heard Bryce Walker is dead. Who must’ve killed him now?
Release: August 23.

‘The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance’

An animated fantasy series based on filmmaker Jim Henson’s cult 1982 film of the same name, The Dark Crystal is set in the world of Thra, which faces a secret threat.
Release: August 30.


‘Gotham’ Season 5

Batman tries to save the city of Gotham from the Riddler in the final run of Gotham.
Release: July 24.

‘Working Moms’ Season 2

Four working mothers settled in Toronto attempt to maintain the balance between their work, love lives, and families.
Release: July 25.

‘Sugar Rush’ Season 2

Four teams battle against each other to make the best confections and win the prize money of $10,000 in this cooking show.
Release: July 26.

‘The Worst Witch’ Season 3

Young Mildred returns to Cackle’s Academy for witches only to find out that her mother has joined the place as the first non-witch teacher.
Release: July 26.

‘My First First Love’ Season 2

Tae-o along with his friends explore new friendships and face fresh relationship challenges in this Korean drama.
Release: July 26.

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 7

The final season of Orange Is The New Black follows the journey of Piper Chapman outside the prison as she tries to adjust to a new, independent life.
Release: July 26.

‘The Letdown’

Audrey who has joined a parent support programme makes friends who are also facing the challenges of parenthood in this Australian series.
Release: July 31.

‘Wentworth’ Season 7

The appointment of a new prison head after Rita and Drago’s fight may shake things up. Vera played by Kate Atkinson is expected to deliver her baby in the initial episodes of the new season.
Release: July 31.



Inspired by real-life events, Hache is the story of Helena, who is hurled into a heroin trafficking business in Barcelona in the 1960s.

‘Bombay Begums’

Five urban Indian women across generations struggle through personal crises to attain their goals. The show is written and directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, who directed the movie Lipstick Under My Burkha.


A 47-year-old middle-class Indian woman leads a double life as a don. Mai is written by Atul Mongia and produced by Anushka Sharma and Karnesh Sharma.


A horrific battle between a British Indian army officer, Betaal and his battalion of zombie redcoats leaves the members of their village doomed. The series is written and directed by Patrick Graham, who made Ghoul and co-written by Suhani Kanwar and Nikhil Mahajan.


Beanie, a Mumbai-based stand-up comedian struggles to balance her career in comedy with a day job. The American actor-director Ravi Patel stars in the series that he has co-written with Neel Shah.

‘Masaba Masaba’

This series is based on the real-life of fashion designer Masaba Gupta and features her and her mother Neena Gupta. The series will be directed by Sonam Nair.