An unique concept, executed well
60%Overall Score

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We love movies that are larger than life with epic battle sequences or sceneries so beautiful that our travel bucket-list keeps expanding. Sometimes, movies get even more creative when they are confined to a small space like a room or a computer screen. One of Amazon Prime Video’s latest offerings, 7500 is a movie that is almost entirely taking place inside a cockpit. Tobias (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Michael (Carlo Kitzlinger) are preparing for their flight from Berlin to Paris and all seems okay until Nathalie (Aurélie Thépaut), one of the air hostesses comes to serve the pilots their food. A group of four hijacks the plane with broken alcohol bottles as their weapons. One of the terrorists, Kalkan (Passar Hariky) manages to enter the cockpit and Tobias knocks him out while keeping the others outside. The terrorists outside take hostages and threaten to kill them unless Tobias opens the door.

The ethical dilemma is real

Patrick Vollrath has been successful in delivering what it would feel like inside a cockpit along with the claustrophobia that goes with it. The movie begins by showing us airport security footage following certain people who turn out to be terrorists and cuts directly to the time when the pilots have entered the cockpit. You see the entire plane from that view and even the happenings during the course of this movie can be seen through a tiny screen inside the cockpit. It is in these moments when you will feel trapped. Tobias has a very difficult decision to make between saving hostages on the plane by opening the door or following protocol and focusing on landing the plane.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s performance stands out

The star of the movie is undoubtedly Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is as consistent as the cockpit in the movie. You can see the dilemma he is going through and the way he is trying to de-escalate the situation instead of opening the door. At one point, he even asks the passengers to help out since the terrorists are carrying weapons made of glass. While the supporting actors like Omir Memar as Vedat do a good job, they don’t have enough screen time. The movie is confined to a single location while putting a lot of focus on one character.

Awesome concept but so-so execution

A novel concept doesn’t necessarily make it the best among its genre. But it does provide a baseline from which people can build more stories. 7500 is one such movie. While the performances were flawless, the movie could have used some tightening when it comes to the length. There were a lot of scenes that were dragged out, which just needed a capable editor. Even introducing a few more characters who had some roles to play would have helped.

7500 takes a very unique concept and delivers on it. Joseph Gordon-Levitt has made an appearance after Snowden and we would certainly want to see more of him. This movie is something you can watch if you have time to spare over the weekend. We do recommend watching it on TV with the lights off.

Director: Patrick Vollrath
Writer: Patrick Vollrath
Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Omir Memar, Passar Hariky, Aurélie Thépaut, Carlo Kitzlinger
Language: English
Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

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