Slow but touching
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This year marked the 75th anniversary of the Auschwitz liberation and this documentary is a heartfelt tribute that documents the horrific truth about the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis.
Through this documentary, we meet five Holocaust survivors and their families and get to hear first hand what they went through. This is interwoven beautifully with Hellen Mirren‘s narration of the life of Anne Frank taken from her diary. We also see a young girl who is traveling across Europe to various historical sites to try and understand more about Anne Frank’s life. She communicates with the viewer through her posts on social media.

It’s educative and requires you to be patient with it

This documentary is very slow-paced and requires you to be patient with it as you listen to the survivors talk about their unique experience and how it affected them as well as their children and grandchildren. We have robust contributions from historians who also help retrace and present this history to us.

Helen Mirren brings Anne Franks’s story alive

As Helen Mirren narrates through the pages of Anne’s diary, it takes us on a journey of imagining what sweet Anne’s life was like. Anne’s last entry was written on August 1, 1944, which was three days before her arrest from the secret annex. Anne’s father Otto, the only surviving member of the family, decided to publish the book so that he could grant his daughter’s wish to “go on living even after my death.”

This documentary has an educative intent to it. As we said, it’s slow-paced so you will need to be patient with it. But it deserves a watch to get a deeper understanding of the Holocaust.

Director: Sabina Fedeli, Anna Migotto
Cast: Helen Mirren
Language: English
Streaming on: Netflix