An Underwhelming End
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A disclaimer to all those who love the Artemis Fowl novel series by Eoin Colfer and have come here to check out the review before watching the film – we won’t be offering a book vs movie comparison. Let’s talk about Artemis Fowl the movie, which after facing loads of troubles with its release date has finally made its way to Disney+. The movie starts where every Disney story begins – in a place of magic and wonder. We are in Ireland and we see boy genius Artemis Fowl Jr. (Ferdia Shaw) enjoying the waves. After the demise of his mother, he has developed a strong connection with his father Artemis Fowl Sr. (Colin Farrell), who is a dealer of antiquities and every Irish fairytale ever written. He is always traveling, leaving his son behind in the capable hands of Domovoi Butler (Nonso Anozie) the bodyguard. Suddenly, Artemis Fowl Sr. is abducted by Opal Koboi (Hong Chau) who wants the Aculos – a powerful weapon beyond imagination. Artemis Fowl Jr. now has 3 days to deliver his request but he has no idea where to start.

A new magical world is around the corner

People who love fantasy are always exploring new worlds. Haven City, the home of the elves, is one such world with a constant ethereal quality to it that makes you want to take the first submarine there. Haven City can be called a perfect melting point as goblins, dwarves, elves, and centaurs co-exist. Commander Julius Root (Judi Dench), who heads the LEPRcon, has a powerful yet stoic quality to her with a soft spot for Officer Holly Short (Lara McDonnell) who has just lost her father. With secret passages in the Fowl manor and the beautiful Haven City, Kenneth Branagh introduces us to the world created by Eoin Colfer.

The performances steal the show

It doesn’t matter how short or long their appearances are, every actor has done an excellent job. Never can we say anything negative about Judi Dench. Colin Farrell has a small part to play but is earnest as Artemis Fowl Sr. Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, and Tamara Smart make the child trio that we might end up talking about for the next decade as this franchise picks up. Josh Gad as the giant dwarf Mulch Diggums is probably one of the highlights of the movie. It is his voice that narrates the happenings of the movie and makes them appear more magical than they were. We definitely want an audiobook narrated by him.

The ending doesn’t match the movie

We know that this could very well be the next Harry Potter but in the efforts of achieving that, none of the loose ends were tied up by the end of the movie. The ending made the movie seem like a very long recap of the sequel. A lot of franchise movies have the same fault of focusing on setting up for the next movie in the series by skimping on establishing characters properly in the first one. A lot of characters didn’t get their due and it was very difficult to root for them. Hopefully, they will fix this in the next movie.

If you have kids at home and they love fantasy movies, this is an ideal watch for the weekend. If you loved the book series and don’t mind criticizing the movie to everyone who might be near, watch this movie. If you are looking for some time to escape and take a tour of Haven, this movie is just what you need. Also, you might end up adding Ireland to your bucket list by the time credits roll.

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Michael Goldenberg, Conor McPherson
Cast: Colin Farrell, Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Tamara Smart, Nonso Anozie, Josh Gad, Judi Dench
Language: English
Streaming on: Disney+ Hotstar

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