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Extraction opens in Dhaka, where Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) is on a bridge, gravely injured, and still has some fight left with him. He readies his arsenal for the incoming army hell-bent on killing him. As soon as he is ready to shoot, you find yourself in Mumbai two days ago. Ovi Mahajan jr. (Rudhraksh Jaiswal) is your typical teenager who hangs out with his friends after school. He comes home to find Saju Rav (Randeep Hooda), who works for his dad Ovi Mahajan sr. (Pankaj Tripathi) reprimanding him about not coming home directly. The same evening Ovi rebels and goes out only to be abducted. Saju hires Nik (Golshifteh Farahani), who works with Tyler to rescue Ovi.

Sam Hargraves has nailed the hand-to-hand combat scenes

Extraction is Sam Hargraves‘s directorial debut, but this is far from his first action movie. He has worked as a stunt director for films like Avengers: Endgame, Captain America: Civil War, and Deadpool. The camera follows the characters like a role-playing game, which only makes the experience more real. The bone-breaking crunches and the slashes of the knives are more striking, and at the same time, the movie is not a total gorefest. The director has stuck to using close shots instead of wide ones, which might make the camera work shaky in some moments, but at no point does it seem unnecessary. There is a 12-minute shot of him and Ovi jr. going through the streets of Dhaka trying to escape the Police. It is one of the most brilliant things that we have seen.

Chris Hemsworth and Randeep Hooda for the win

We have seen Chris Hemsworth in action before, and he does not disappoint. Chris Hemsworth plays a shoot-in-my-face-before-I-punch-you kind of a character while Randeep Hooda is not going to allow anyone to just point a gun at him. The contrast in their fighting styles shows this very well. Even the knife-fight sequence between the two actors shows these subtleties of their characters. Along with the action, Chris Hemsworth also handles the emotions really well, especially when we see him bonding with Ovi jr. Rudhraksh Jaiswal is how we would have been in this situation. He aspires to be brave like Tyler and yet is equal parts scared when things go south. His reaction to Tyler casually breaking bones is something we won’t forget.

Priyanshu Painyuli as Amir Asif is chaotic evil

Close the entire city is Amir‘s response when he hears that Tyler has rescued Ovi. When the colonel asks him again, he gives him a ‘did I stutter?’ look. And that is the only beginning. He goes on to unleash the entire army in search of them because now it is a matter of respect. Death doesn’t mean anything to him as you see his henchmen callously kill a child. He moves like royalty among the streets of Dhaka and prefers that everyone else do his dirty work, including the people he is punishing.

The plot and the characters could have used more work

Characters like Ovi Mahajan sr. greatly underutilizes Pankaj Tripathi‘s talent as he only has one scene in the entire movie. Even David Harbour as Gasper and Golshifteh Farahani as Nik Khan, could have used more fleshed out characters instead of just being people who know Chris Hemsworth‘s Tyler. While there is no doubt that the action hits the right notes, we could have used some work in the plot department. None of the character’s motivations for their actions is made clear. Chris Hemsworth, who is supposed to be a hardened mercenary, melts the first time he looks at the boy.

Why You Should Watch:

The lack of plot doesn’t take anything away from experience. Now you can enjoy A-level action movies in the comfort of your homes thanks to Netflix. The film has a lot of local flavours even though it is set in Dhaka. You will hear some Bollywood songs playing while you see some punches on the screen. If you love action movies, this is the one that you should not miss.