A Thrilling Experience
80%Overall Score

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There are very few instances in history that have had rippling effects globally. The World Wars and the current pandemic are a few of them. The World Wars were a dark time in history and there are countless real and fictional stories that remind us why we don’t need any more wars. Adapted from C. F. Forester‘s novel ‘The Good Shepherd’, Greyhound is an original by Apple TV+. Tom Hanks is at the helm in more than one way. He has written the screenplay of this war drama and plays an important role in the movie too. Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) is a naval officer who is charged with leading a convoy of 37 Allied ships with soldiers and supplies across the Atlantic. While the ships have air support, they have a five-day journey through a zone where German submarines are waiting to sink the convoy.

Tom Hanks does what he does best

Tom Hanks has been stranded on an island and hijackers take over his ship among other things. Even here, as soon as he takes command of the fleet, he is on his feet trying to dodge torpedos by German U-boats and arranging rescue for the ships that have been hit. This is his first venture into the ongoing war and he is surrounded by juniors who have been at this for some time. You can see him making decisions that don’t settle well with the rest of the crew and he is unsure of himself as well. He can be seen in almost every frame, taking charge and moving from one end of the cabin to the other, tackling multiple problems. At the end of the movie when you see him going back to his cabin, you also will feel a sigh of relief.

The foes were machines and a crackling voice

This is a movie that doesn’t give time to knowing the enemy or a lot about the soldiers who are fighting as well. It is a simple battle between machines controlled by humans. Aaron Schneider is successful in dehumanizing the foes. All you see of them are the submarines when they come up for air and a crackling voice that announces their intentions. This works in their favor because every time you see the top of a submarine, it manages to send chills down your spine. It gives this movie a very Jaws-like effect of knowing the foe but not knowing them completely.

The cinematography deserves some love as well

The screenplay by Tom Hanks and cinematography by Shelly Johnson work very well together. If you were to watch this movie in a theatre or a good system at home, you would find yourself in the middle of the war on a ship called USS Keeling. With most of the dialogues just involving commands by officers to each other, this is as real an experience that we can get. There are no last stand speeches, which is a huge plus because while inspiring, we have had enough of those. The entire journey is handled in a very non-dramatic manner. There are some scenes involving the entire fleet and a view of the northern lights. Those are definitely screenshot-worthy moments.

Tom Hanks never disappoints. He slips into this role with no problems and it is a delight to see him on screen as always. Anyone who misses or underappreciates the theatrical experience should see this movie.

Director: Aaron Schneider
Writer: Tom Hanks
Cast: Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham, Elisabeth Shue
Language: English
Streaming on: Apple TV+