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What’s better than a smart thriller to get those grey cells working? Sri Senthil in his inaugural outing as director throws in dollops of suspense in the crime thriller Kaalidas starring Bharath, Suresh Menon, Ann Sheetal and Aadhav Kannadasan. Inspector Kaalidas (Bharath) is a tireless cop who works the crime beat in his city. As a result, he invests little time and effort in his marriage with his wife Vidhya (Ann Sheetal). As the couple struggles to navigate their relationship, Kaalidas is called to investigate a series of alleged suicides of women who met their end by jumping off buildings in broad daylight. With ACP George (Suresh Menon) also roped in to make sense of these baffling incidents, the two cops dig deeper to realise that there is a bigger sinister angle to these deaths. Further, matters get complicated when Vidhya in her loneliness befriends a mystery man (Aadhav Kannadasan).

The elements of a whodunit are intact

Writer-director Sri Senthil sets the tone of the narrative from the outset by creating an atmosphere of tension and intrigue. He employs effective camera work that not only captures interesting angles of crime scenes but also creates an air of ambiguity and expectancy from scene to scene. The plot is taut and unravels crisply with a logical progression. The investigative details that pan out throughout the plot are authentic and keep the audience invested in the story. The background score, though a trifle loud on occasion, does its part to enhance the mood of the film.

Prepare to be surprised

Kaalidaas works primarily because it doesn’t let go of its grip over the narrative. The script is peppered with many startling details that the director unleashes at regular intervals. Just as we begin to form a conclusion about a particular angle, another one presents itself to create more interest. There are quite a few characters that are introduced over the course of the film and while that could cause a bit of confusion, the director manages to sustain our interest and bring us back to the central theme. In addition, the red herrings thrown succeed in diverting us from the culmination that is unexpected and shocking.

A contrived climax is a weak link

While Kaalidas culminates in a unique and exciting climax that we definitely did not see coming, it also feels too manufactured with the multifarious threads being tied together rather hastily. Certain obvious queries about the actions and reactions of the characters are somehow conveniently terminated without conviction. While the pace is even through the course of the narrative, the final 15 minutes witnesses a frenzy of information that is packed in to bring the story a full circle and as a result, falls flat.


In spite of a few glitches, Kaalidas is a very engaging suspense thriller that has all the components of a classic whodunit. At slightly over 2 hours, it works primarily due to a well-written script and screenplay that keeps us guessing till the end. A definite watch, especially for fans of cliffhangers and mysteries.

Director: Sri Senthil
Writer: Sri Senthil
Music: Vishal Chandrashekhar
Cast: Bharath, Suresh Menon, Ann Sheetal, Aadhav Kannadasan
Language: Tamil
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

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