Loser Season 1 Review: A Winner In More Than One Ways

80%Overall Score

Streaming on Zee5

A story of three sports personalities at different time zones who amalgamate at a point and bring out a winner in them is what Loser is all about. Directed by Abhilash Reddy, an alumnus of Annapurna Film and Media Institute, Loser is produced by Annapurna Studios in association with Spectrum Media works. Streaming now on Zee5, Loser explores three-time frames in an effective way and Season 1 comprises of 10 episodes, each close to 30 minutes. The realistic setting captivates us into the story right from the first scene and before we reveal more, let us get into the nuances of Loser.

Every episode ends with a bang

Exhibit A: Year 2007, Suri Yadav (Priyadarshi) is a passionate air-rifle shooter who finds it difficult to make an entry to the national championship because of his modest economic background.
Exhibit B: Year 1993, Ruby Shabana (Annie), a tenth class student and the only daughter of an orthodox father (Sayaji Shinde) and a supporting mother (Satya Krishnan), struggles to play the sport she loves the most, badminton.
Exhibit C: Year 1985, Wilson (Sashank), a highly talented fast bowler had to face all the rivalry within the team and his temperament in order to embark on a passion to play for the national team.

Abhilash succeeds in getting the best out of each character from his cast

The setup is pitch-perfect for Abhilash to plunge into a plethora of emotions addressing all the ups and downs of the three stories he wanted to tell the viewers. The detailing for each character makes it easy for him and the cast to deliver what is wanted. While Priyadarshi is one of the busiest actors in tinsel-town, the reason to accept a web series at this juncture of his career clearly has an answer in the character of Suri Yadav that he enacted. No questions asked this is probably his best choice after Pelli Choopulu. Sashank nailed it with his performance as an aggressive bowler whose character has strong reasoning of his own failures. Annie’s character is probably the most you empathise with. Kalpika Ganesh’s role (elder Ruby) is disturbing and one wonders what makes her so helpless. Sayaji Shinde’s role starts off on a negative note and eventually ends on a positive tone. Pavani is extremely good as Suri’s lover. Viren, who played the role of Krishnan reminds us of the coach from the movie Dear Comrade. The only character that is poorly etched and unwarranted is Ruby’s husband. Maybe, he was made a scapegoat to fulfil a trend that we currently witness in most of the web series.

Loser has an astounding crew

Screenplay is the key while dialogues, music, cinematography, and artwork are amazingly brilliant
The winning formulae for this Loser is undoubtedly the screenplay and ably supported by endearing dialogues, fascinating artwork, enthralling music, realistic frames and whole strong teamwork.

Barring a couple of unwanted scenes in the third episode, Loser makes a wonderful watch for its intriguing plot. You are sure to do a binge-watch all the episodes, thankfully for its duration where it leaves no room for unwanted sub-plots.

Director: Abhilash Reddy
Writers: Sai Bharadwaj, Shravan Madala, Abhilash Reddy
DOP: Naresh Ramadurai
Music: Sriram Maddury
Production: Annapurna Studios in association with Spectrum Media Works
Cast: Priyadarshi, Shashank, Annie, Kalpika Ganesh, Pavani Gangireddy, Komalee Prasad, Abhay Bethiganti, Sayaji Shinde, Satya Krishnan, Chandra Vempaty, Viren Thambidorai, Benarji, Roopa Lakshmi
Seasons: 1 (2020)

Ajay Mudunuri: Tollywood fanatic, writer, critic.