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While we are almost in the fifth month of the pandemic, small movies that are done with their shoot are taking the OTT route. The latest in the list is Meka Suri, written and directed by Trinadh Velisala. Featuring Abhinay and Sumaya in lead roles, the movie is made in two parts and we currently have the first part in the offering. Let us see what Meka Suri is all about.

Filled with action and driven by revenge

Suri (Abhinay) is a butcher who has the knack of killing goats with his teeth and drinking their blood. This six and a half feet heavily-built figure then runs for a couple of miles around the village as his daily routine. One fine day he meets Rani (Sumaya Syed) and falls for her. In no time, they both fall in love and get married. Appalanaidu (Sharat Kumar) is an aged landlord and lusts for Rani, who works as a maid in his house. Things turn bad when the villagers spread gossip about Rani’s illicit relationship with Appalnaidu and Suri decides to leave the village along with Rani. However, Rani is murdered by some unknown assailants and the rest of the movie is about identifying the culprits and taking revenge.

Actors do a decent job

Abhinay has a strong build and enacting Suri’s role is icing in the cake for him. Given the rustic character he portrayed, his physique and body language suited the tee. Sumaya Syed as the village belle was subtle in her act and delivered what was needed. Most of the artists are new and unknown faces but their acts seem like they are natural actors. However, gruesome violence and steamy scenes make it a difficult watch.

The script falls flat

Writer-director Trinadh Velisala completely believed in giving a raw and rustic appeal to his movie and reached his target if that was his actual intent. Prajwal Krish’s music was decent and the only saving grace is PArdhu Saina’s camera work. Had the director concentrated more on the script with an engaging screenplay, it would have been a different ball game altogether. Unwanted violence and useless sexual acts just for the sake of selling it to OTT does no good for this movie.


Meka Suri is an age-old revenge story filled with horrific violence and bold scenes. Except for decent camera work, there is nothing much to rave about. Definitely not a movie that can be watched with families. The only saving factor is the crisp run-time of 1 hour 26 minutes.

Director: Trinadh Velisala

Writer: Trinadh Velisala
Cast: Abhinay, Sumaya, Naresh Byreddy, Sharat Kumar, Dr Shravan Sai Tadinada, Bani Prasad, Ramesh Reddy
Music: Prajwal Krish
Language: Telugu
Streaming on Zee5