Too Sweet To Handle
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Fantasy films are not very common in Malayalam; but considering the movies from the past, it is quite evident that the Malayalee audience love to experience some fantasy on screen, garnished with comedy and a little bit of thriller. Aisa (Baby Manasvi), a second-grader, loses her parents and grandmother in an accident and has ever since been supported her grandfather who she lovingly calls Kuttoos (Saikumar). She is one happy go lucky kid who only knows to love people. She grew up listening to the stories narrated by her grandfather and is an ardent fan of Santa Claus. Her biggest dream is to meet Santa and her dead parents in heaven. Her best friend Anna is a cancer patient, but that doesn’t stop the girls from being supportive of each other. One Christmas eve, Santa lands in Aisa’s house and takes her to fulfil all her wishes.

Lovely Aisa is the child we all want in our homes

Aisa is extremely sweet, caring, cheerful, bubbly and loveable. Her world revolves around her Kuttoos, her neighbours, Anna, God and Santa Claus. She is hardly naughty and is loved by all. Be it her teachers, the school bus driver or school security guard, everyone is fond of her for who she is. Aisa in fact is the kind of kid we all want in our homes – selfless, no-brat and self-sufficient! She worries for Anna and her health and both the kids are too close to each other. She, however, is stuck in a fantasy world of reindeers and Santa Claus, of Christmas and no worries. After a point, we get a little too tensed for her wondering whether her obsession for Santa would lead to something tragic.

A lively Santa

Dileep’s avatar as Santa is interesting and the makeup and styling especially is close to perfect. He is lively, cheerful and is the replica of the Santa we all grew up hearing about. Plus he speaks Malayalam.

An unrealistic approach

It is true that the film falls into a fantasy thriller genre. Then again, what makes us repelled about the film is not the fantasy element, but the extreme goodness and sweetness of the characters. Except for a character or two, everyone else is way too cheerful and loving, you fail to understand where they all belong to, and in a way wish you were part of their village too.


My Santa is a must-watch if you kids at home – they are going to love it. For adults, it’s entertaining and is one time watchable. The last few minutes make the film more sensible and enjoyable.

Director: Sugeeth
Writer: Jemin Cyriac
Cast: Dileep, Baby Manasvi, Saikumar, Siddique, Anusree, Sunny Wayne
Music: Vidyasagar
Language: Malayalam
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

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