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After V, yet another hyped movie, Nishabdham, has finally skipped the theatrical release and is releasing in all languages directly on Amazon Prime. Featuring Anushka Shetty and R Madhavan in lead roles, Nishabdham is directed by Hemanth Madhukar and is touted to be a thriller where Anushka plays the role of a mute girl. With the Silence finally being broken, let us see what is in store for viewers watching Nishabdham.

This is what Nishabdham is all about

Set in the Seattle and Sequin cities of Washington State, USA, Sakshi (Anushka) is a deaf and mute girl but a very good painter. Antony (Madhavan) is a celebrity musician who falls in love with Sakshi. After getting engaged, as part of their holiday trip, they land up in a haunted house where a couple was murdered in the year 1972. Antony also gets murdered in the same house while Sakshi escapes. Who Killed Antony and how did Sakshi help police solve the mystery, forms the rest of Nishabdham.

While there is suspense, the thrill takes a back step

Hemanth Madhukar had an interesting plot in hand, however, faltered in the screenplay. For any suspense thriller, it is important that the thrill factor is maintained till the very end and gives us a kick with an interesting twist. This thrill factor goes missing halfway. While the movie begins on a promising note, somewhere down the line, the thrill quotient goes haywire. However, Anushka and Madhavan were fabulous in their act and are ably supported by Subba Raju, Anjali, Shalini and Michael Madson. As the movie is set in the backdrop of Seattle and Sequin cities, the director has brilliantly managed to give it a feel of an English movie by having most of the characters speak in their native English language.

All in all, it’s a technically sound

Nishabdham is technically sound with rich production design coupled with splendid cinematography and enriching background score and music. The song hummed by Sid Sriram, NInne Ninne, is a treat to hear. The editing is also done justice by Praveen Pudi to make it a crisp 2-hour movie.


Nishabdham certainly does not meet the expectations if you have set it high. However, it makes for a decent one time watch as the actors and technicians gave everything to the best of their efforts. Fans of Anushka and Madhavan can rejoice to watch them on their home screens after quite a long time.

Director: Hemanth Madhukar
Writer: Hemanth Madhukar Tamil Dialogues: Mani Seiyon
Cast: Anushka Shetty, Madhavan, Anjali, Michael Maden
Background Score: Girishh G
Language: Telugu
Streaming on Amazon Prime

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