A Fizzy Feel-Good Romance
60%Overall Score

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Overnight romances always make for a fun watch. Even though they usually follow a similar storyline – first a couple meets, but they do not like each other, then they start sharing personal stories, eventually a bond is formed, which makes them fall in love, followed by a separation, and finally coming back together in the end – these films have been heartwarming in the sense that you never know where you find love. One-Way To Tomorrow is one such story that takes place in an overnight train journey. Leyla (Dilan Çiçek Deniz) meets Ali (Metin Akdülger) on the train to İzmir and after a few conversations, she realizes that Ali is going to the same wedding she is attending to stop his ex-girlfriend from getting married to her ex-boyfriend. Their journey opens up many secrets of their past relationships and while they fall for each other, they also find the much-needed closure to move on with their lives.

A heart-warming love story

Through the course of the film, we not only see Leyla and Ali fall in love but also get closure over their past relationships. Leyla’s bitterness and Ali’s guilt slowly fade away when they realize that they must move on. It’s interesting that the first few minutes of the film portray them in a way that allows you to judge their characters but it is in the details that you realize that their each of their personalities have much more depth. It is pretty clear where their own relationship is headed but the journey is what makes it worth the watch.

The music is a game-changer

At times when the movie seems to be getting too long or tedious, the music plays an important part in keeping the mood light and peppy. The scenes when they dance to each other’s playlists are some of the best and it is in those moments that not only make Ali and Leyla fall in love but also make us love the film.

A lot is lost in translation

While the story itself is heart-warming and the journey is filled with many feel-good moments, the dialogues of the film seem too bland. You can blame this on the subtitles that may not do justice to the original script of the film, which is in Turkish.

One-Way To Tomorrow makes for the perfect rainy-day watch with your partner. If you love love stories, then do not miss this fizzy feel-good romance.

Director: Ozan Açiktan
Writer: Drazen Kuljanin, Faruk Ozerten
Dilan Çiçek Deniz, Metin Akdülger
Language: Turkish
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