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80%Overall Score

A woman discovers her husband is cheating on her. Does she stay or does she leave? An engaging drama, Out of Love offers a modern view of the institution of marriage and presents the outlook of the independent, urban Indian woman.

Directors: Tigmanshu Dhulia, Aijaz Khan
Writers: Suyash Trivedi, Abhiruchi Chand
Cast: Rasika Dugal, Purab Kohli, Soni Razdan
Seasons: 1 (2019)
Streaming on: Hotstar

The show is about cheating husbands and suffering wives

Set in the picturesque town of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, Out of Love is an engaging family drama. The show starts off with a steamy scene between leads, Rasika Dugal (Meera) and Purab Kohli (Akarsh). Meera soon finds a lipstick in Akarsh’s coat and a strand of highlighted hair on his scarf, both of which do not belong to her.

Suspecting that her husband is cheating on her, Meera spies on him and finds that Akarsh been not-so-secretly having an extramarital affair. Here’s where the drama begins to unfold.

It could happen to you

Meera finds out that in addition to cheating on her, Akarsh hid life-changing financial decisions from her. This revelation is even more shocking and complicates the question of whether she should leave her family or see them through the mess. It doesn’t help that she’s surrounded by characters who spy, lie and plot to take her down.

The thrill of the show lies in keeping the audience guessing whether Meera will leave her husband or give her marriage a second chance and who’s lying and who’s on her side. It’s a worthwhile reflection on the institution of marriage and how the modern Indian woman deals with infidelity. Not long ago, women would never consider leaving their husbands over an affair. Even today, the issue is complicated by class, financial stability and social stigma.

A contrast is drawn between Meera and Akarsh’s mother (Soni Razdan), who suffers from stage four cancer. Surprisingly, she has a tepid reaction to her son’s infidelity. It’s almost as if she expected it, signalling the older generation’s acceptance of male transgressions. Her hope is simply that Meera won’t leave her son, lest he is destroyed.

Rasika Dugal steals the show

Rasika Dugal is terrific as Meera, playing her character with intelligence and sympathy. You root for her and women will find it easy to draw parallels between their circumstances and those Meera has to suffer.