A Worrying Tale
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The existence and personalities of twins and triplets have always fascinated researchers who have left no stone unturned to know more about the similarities and differences between them. Unknown to countless separated and adopted twins and triplets, one such research was conducted on them. Bobby Shafran found his way to a local community college as a freshman and on his first day, everyone seemed to know him and were welcoming him with open arms, calling him ‘Eddy’. Bobby quickly realized that Eddy Galland was his twin and they were separated at birth. Their story became front-page news and came to the notice of David Kellman who found the faces in the newspaper as familiar as the face he saw in the mirror. This news 0f these three identical strangers became even more heartwarming as the triplets were reunited. As they spent more time together, they began to learn why they were separated.

The deeper you dig, the darker it gets

While the story at first seems very heartwarming, it is interesting to see the triplets having similar likes and dislikes, even though they spent the first 19 years of their lives apart. They could complete each other’s sentences and seemed to be in sync with their thoughts. They also had similar experiences when it came to dealing with mental illnesses in their teens. Later, all of them move in together and open their own restaurant. But trouble starts when they trace their birth mother and figure out why they were separated at birth. At this moment, the story takes a very dark turn involving experimentation with child-rearing efforts to settle the age-old debate of nature vs nurture. The results of this study are not yet published because the children included in these studies have not found out about their separation at birth.

The narrative is not one-sided

Three Identical Strangers tries to portray both sides of the story – from the perspective of the researchers who conducted this extensive experiment and their subjects. Even from an objective point of view, this seems like a problematic human trial that has probably caused more harm than good. The documentary lets you draw conclusions, which is a plus for a genre of its kind.

The ethical dilemma of human trials is not new, especially when they’re on children who are unaware of the experimentation. These kinds of documentaries address these questions about the long-term implications of such experiments. Everyone who is on the fence about human trials should watch this documentary.

Director: Tim Wardle
Cast: Silvi Alzetta-Reali, Eddy Galland, Ron Guttman
Language: English
Streaming on: Netflix

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