Great concept, poor execution
40%Overall Score

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Before the Internet became what it is today, we had many movies warning us about the monstrosity that lay in store. But after we saw the rise of social media and the concept of privacy becoming a myth, we haven’t seen a lot of movies addressing this issue. Tapping into this genre and taking it a step ahead is Zee5’s Unlock. The movie revolves around Suhani (Hina Khan) who is in love with Amar (Kushal Tandon) who is in love with Suhani’s flatmate, Riddhi (Aditi Arya).  Suhani is desperate to crack this relationship and even ready to explore the deep web in search of answers. She gets a notification to install an app that will fulfil her deepest wish. In return, she needs to complete three tasks. All seems to be going well until the first task involves transporting a dead body.

Zee5 is introducing us to bite-sized movies

Streaming services have indeed changed our viewing habits. During a time when episode lengths for TV shows are getting an hour-long spread over 10 episodes, it is refreshing to watch movies under an hour. It is a great way to tell a complete story in the limited attention span we have developed with the overload of online content. This movie, like Zee5’s previous offerings, is not the best in the genre but is certainly a step in the right direction. You will be reminded of ’90s slasher movies in which the protagonist would go to great lengths to cover up that one mistake.

The concept is the scene-stealer here

Hina Khan built her popularity from TV shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and now it’s refreshing to see her as a protagonist in such a movie. Even Kushal Tandon and Aditi Arya make the best of their limited roles. More than the performance of the cast, it is the concept of an all-seeing app controlling your every move that steals the show. Seeing the same process repeated over and over will certainly send chills down your spine and make you think twice before exploring the deep web.

If you are a fan of this genre, you can spend about an hour watching Unlock. But if you are just looking for something random to watch, we have some other movie recommendations for you.

Director: Debatma Mandal
Cast: Hina Khan, Kushal Tandon, Aditi Arya
Language: Hindi
Streaming on: Zee5

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