A Super Mass Thriller
70%Overall Score

Streaming on Amazon Prime

After a long wait for the theatres to open, the first big-budget movie has finally skipped the theatrical release and hit the OTT directly. Leaving many of his fans and movie lovers disappointed for not having a theatrical release, let us see what is in store for viewers watching V in their home theatres and small screens.

Nani goes on a killing spree with his 25th

DCP Adithya (Sudheer Babu) is awarded a “Shaurya” medal for his noble act in saving many lives during a riot that takes place in a sensitive area at Hyderabad. While celebrating the occasion with his fellow colleagues, a police officer is killed brutally. The killer leaves a clue and challenges Aditya that he is going to murder four more people. While Aditya investigates this case, the murderer goes on a killing spree as he had challenged. After the third murder, Aditya realizes that the slayer is a former army officer named Vishnu (Nani).

Witness the best of Nani and Sudheer Babu

Natural Star Nani plays the role of an army officer and a killer for the first time in his career and he does it effortlessly – superb attitude and swag all over. The way XXV is inked on-screen to resonate it as his 25th movie toward the end of the movie is exemplary. Sudheer Babu surprises everyone with his affluent act and there is noticeable progress in his dance skills, especially in the first song. Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari were apt in their respective roles and the same with the rest of the cast.

The technical finesse is impeccable

Though the story and the narrative pattern is as old as the hills, it is the styling and the overall packaging that makes the difference. PG Vinda enthrals the screen with stunning visuals and Thaman’s background score is haunting and irresistible. Amit Trivedi’s musical album is adequate and Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing is decent. The production values reach the standards set by the banner over the years.


V is a stylish packaged slick thriller that makes for a decent watch. While the initial half does not have much to offer except for a handful of murders, the actual story kickstarts in the second half and ends up with an interesting twist. Nani, Sudheer Babu, background score and rich visuals are the highlights of V. Had the writing been more effective, V would have been an even better watch. Nevertheless, it has its own merits and easily makes it for an exciting one-time watch.

Director: Mohana Krishna Indraganti
Writer: Mohanakrishna Indraganti
Cast: Nani, Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas, Aditi Rai Hydari, Venella Kishore,
Music: Amit Trivedi
Background Score: SS Thaman
Language: Telugu
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

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