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There have been very few Indian coming-of-age movies from the female perspective, especially ones that talk about the woes of women who choose to remain conservative. Virgin Bhanupriya tells the story of one such girl. Bhanupriya Awasthi (Urvashi Rautela) is an only child of now-divorced parents and is trying her best to go on dates and lose her virginity as a result. Her best friend Rukul Singh (Rumana Molla) chooses to live her life promiscuously and continues to set Bhanupriya up with other guys. One day, Rukul finds out that she is pregnant and along with Bhanupriya, she goes to Goa to “take care” of this issue. Abhimanyu (Gautam Gulati) aka Shartiya, one of the guys that Bhanupriya broke up with, follows them there, starting a chain of funny consequences.

Urvashi Rautela deserves some recognition

Urvashi Rautela is simply effortless. She is earnest in her role as Bhanupriya who is trying to get rid of her “virginity” problem and at the same time, dealing with her parents’ constant bickering and her friend setting her up with some not-so-suitable boys. She is shown to be unlucky with her romantic escapades, a fact that is confirmed by various Tarot card readers and astrologers along the way. Even her father who has a short post-divorce affair seems to be luckier in love than her. If there was one reason you needed to watch the movie, this would be that reason.

The movie has some hard-to-believe truths

The first thing about this movie that seems unbelievable is that even a bespectacled Urvashi Rautela will look anything less than stunning. Throughout the movie, she is portrayed as an unattractive female, which does not sit well. Abhimanyu as Shartiya gets some one-liners that will partly make you smile and partly cringe. While the conflict between the two leads is real, it is resolved too quickly and too easily for anyone to digest. There are also some short conflicts created when there is no need for one.

A light-hearted watch that won’t make you lol

The movie has certain moments that might make you chuckle but most of them will leave you with a smile on your face. The story is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of twists and turns, making it the perfect work-from-home watch. Each character has been given some quirks that keep you entertained. The music will make you hunt for the playlist on YouTube.

If you are a fan of Urvashi Rautela’s work, you should already be watching this movie. Anyone else who is looking for something lighthearted to watch while working during the day should hit the play button as well.

Director: Ajay Lohan
Cast: Urvashi Rautela, Rumana Molla, Gautam Gulati
Language: Hindi
Streaming on: Zee5