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If you are watching a movie in the ‘dance-off’ genre, you’re likely to see some amazingly choreographed dance routines and get music that can be your workout jam. Work It is a step up both ways and offers a lot more. It focusses on Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter) who has only one goal in life – she wants to get into Duke University. She maintains a steady 4.0 GPA, volunteers, plays an instrument, and even signs up for extracurricular club activities. All seems to be going fine until her interview at Duke where, in her effort to impress the Duke admissions counselor, played by Michelle Buteau, she accidentally blurts out that she is a part of a winning dance troupe ‘Thunderbirds’. Now, Quinn has to learn to dance in two months or give up on her dreams.

Work It is not just another dance-off movie

While it has all the components of a dance-off movie, there is no diamond-in-the-rough dancer who wants to make it big. Instead, this is a story about a girl seeking happiness while dancing happens to be a by-product of it. Sabrina is joined by the supremely talented Liza Koshy who plays her best friend Jasmine. Jasmine is actually a part of Thunderbirds but leaves it to support her friend and build a new troupe.

The movie gets an A+ for inclusivity

Netflix has always been known for being inclusive. Even here, Quinn’s dance troupe TBD has a lot of people from different backgrounds who are united by their love to dance. Each character brings a facet of their culture to the role. There is also a scene where we see a group of paraplegics performing some kick-ass moves. If that doesn’t make you smile and tear up at the same time, nothing will.

Dancing is not as easy as it seems

While coming-of-age movies should be given the benefit of doubt, especially when it comes to logic and reality, this movie is more than stretching the truth. Quinn goes from an awkward dancer to a star performer in a span of five minutes and the only thing she needs to do is get rid of her sweater. Apart from this, the whole movie is a treat to watch.

If Step Up and ABCD have fascinated you over the years, Work It will not disappoint. For anyone else who loves watching well-choreographed dance performances, don’t miss this.

Director: Laura Terruso
Writer: Alison Peck
Cast: Sabrina Carpenter, Jordan Fisher, Keiynan Lonsdale, Liza Koshy, Michelle Buteau
Language: English
Streaming on: Netflix

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