In this Sunday’s episode of Patriot Act titled How Coronavirus Broke America, Hasan Minhaj brought to light the grave situation in America, made a lot worse by Donald Trump. Here’s what went down.

Time to be conscious

As always, Minhaj starts off with a joke. He talks about how COVID-19 destroyed the NBA and says that not having basketball is quickly turning him into “a monster”. But he swiftly warns that we’ve got to be careful as we cannot afford for the next few months to be anything like the past few months.

Trump messed up

Minhaj bluntly says that if Donald Trump had acted a earlier instead of waiting until March to take action, thousands of deaths in the United States could have easily been avoided. He equates Trump to the virus, explaining that both are bad for you, but worse if you have a pre-existing condition.

America is made in China

Minhaj talks about how Americans have broken their own supply chain, due to which life-saving commodities such as face masks, are not readily available. He wonders how they managed to get something as basic as “fabric on your face” so wrong. The answer: because everything is made across the world in China.

The meatpacking situation

Plenty of meatpacking plants in America witnessed massive COVID-19 outbreaks. But, Trump “ordered” these plants to stay open by putting in action the Defense Protection Act (DPA) which allows the President to take control of the supply chain in such dire situations. Minhaj then points out that he went through this order and realised that it actually said nothing about meat plants staying open.

Back to Trump

Minhaj points us to a graph on screen to show us that after Trump signed this order, cases across America began to shoot up. What’s more, by mid-May, a large chunk of the reported outbreaks had begun in meat factories. In a nutshell, Minhaj declares that the President ended up using the DPA to protect corporations at the expense of the public. And that’s just not cool.

Minhaj puts his perspective on the frightening situation in the US. It’s worth watching even if the Indian audience might not get all of his jokes.

Creators: Hasan Minhaj, Prashanth Venkataramanujam
Cast: Hasan Minhaj
Streaming on: Netflix

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